Captivating newcomer Aissa was discovered in a restaurant inside Ikea in the city of Guangzhou, China. Aissa is sleekly sophisticated, and her beauty is quite dramatic. Wide spaced eyes and a sensual pout set this girl apart from the pack. Aissa is totally new and her portfolio thus far is testimony to her potential. International agencies, don’t let this one get away!


Full Name:
Aissa Xuexian Zhou

176cm / 5′9″
83 cm / 32.5″
58 cm / 23″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Guangzhou, China

Date of Birth:
January 13


Mother Agency:

Red Model Management


Bon Image Corp.

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  • Interesting. I am really loving her!

  • Ali

    In her 1st I didn’t realise she was Chinese,

    I like her look and see her doing well, she looks different with make up on.

  • GP

    Look like a Japanese doll. Love her long neck:)

  • HH

    Does she has some mixed blood?Anyways,she’s different!!Love her


    I’m so glad they featured a Chinese model who actually has double eyelids, because it defies a common stereotype that single eyelids are integral to the “Asian face”. Don’t get me wrong – I do think it’s great that several Asian newcomers, with their very distinct looks, have enriched the diversity of the modelling industry recently. However, I as a Chinese myself am even more thrilled to see diversity within the Asian pool.

    Anyway, I think Aissa is absolutely stunning. I hope she goes far.


    And to HH:

    I really doubt she has mixed heritage. She may look different from most Asian models in high fashion, but I see girls with similar features of hers (though not as gorgeous) on the streets in China everyday.

  • erika

    Wow, she’s gorgeous…… has a distinct look that sets her apart from most Asian models. Lips like an Asian Lindsay Wixson LOL

  • Julien

    WOW LOVE her

  • nice girl!!!!!! good model

  • She’s stunning, and her beauty is unique – not only in comparison to other Chinese women – but in comparison to other models from different ethnic backgrounds who are currently in the spotlight. Gorgeous find.


  • RRRaul415

    What an elegant neck!

  • jake

    she has an interesting look. kind of like a pretty asian alien. alluring but some angles exaggerate her features too much i feel. also think the photoshopper has gone a little too crazy in the third shot.

  • kitkat

    She reminds me of Charlene Almarvez.

    I’m actually not very impressed with her…not much personality coming through the pictures. Her photos are more about the pretty lighting which makes her look pretty.

  • deschamp

    i am glad they found a chinese girl from the south of china
    i have seen that most of chinese models out there are from the north

    let us hope there are more types of asian models out there, like korean!

  • Theo

    will hope to see some of her shots without wearing those fake contact lens…

  • So cute, but why the blue contacts??

  • nice commercial look, perfect for American Apparel

  • stunning model. Aissa has beautiful lips and provokes a gentle feel through her photos. I’m not a fan of the contact though, they take away her natural beauty, which is definitely enough. She should work on portraying some other types of emotions, I wish her the best :)

  • OK, my most favourite asian model since now!!! I would love to work with her!

  • Yasmin

    @ Theo & @ Trickymaus:

    omg, first I didn’t even notice she was wearing blue contacts!! That’s weird… wearing them “for fun” …maybe- but NOT for polaroids!!! :-/ ?

  • Danielle

    she is really unique, I hope she does well :)

  • thestarfish

    stunning. body proportions to die for. milky yellow skin. and that looong neck. :)
    and i love how her eyes are wide and with double eyelids but are still oriental.
    just sad that she has to wear circle lenses to make her feel beautiful.
    (circle lenses have larger circumferences, making the pupils appear larger).

  • Monamour

    OMG… Angel.

  • She photographs wonderfully!

  • Gisela

    Beautiful! Such an unique face!

  • Yao

    except for the height, she is just a normal southern Chinese pretty girl on the street.

    But I’m glad that we can see a different type of Asian model.

  • NEX

    does she use soft lens for making her eyes bigger? if she does, i’m very disappointed because it’s not a true beauty, it’s just fake.

  • jeff

    She is pretty… I would prefer her without those dreadful contacts that a lot of chinese girls are wearing to make their eyes look bigger. To me, an enlarged pupil just makes you look stoned. Otherwise she is alright.

  • Love her!! Definitely will keep my eye on her! Would love to photograph her,

  • Inita

    Very attractive face, especially cat-like eyes.