Scouted three years ago, Felicia sensibly put model aspirations on hold until she finished her education. School is out now, and Felicia is currently in Paris with IMG. This classic beauty loves to dance, shop, and is currently obsessed with her Chanel handbag – a gift given to her after a shoot. With IMG worldwide and Uno Barcelona, Felicia is on the right track with her new career.


Full Name:
Felicia Gambietz

Light Blue
176cm / 5′9″
80 cm / 31.5″
59 cm / 23″
87 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Karlsruhe, Germany

Date of Birth:
October 14


Mother Agency:
SMC Model Management


IMG Paris

IMG Milano

IMG London


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  • NEX

    there’s a little of Kate Moss, but she is who she is. she has her own beauty, like those gorgeous eyes and his lovely body. she is supermodel. ^^

  • to me she is like toni garrn

  • david

    Claudia Schiffer to me…shes gonna be Star! Hope to see her in Chanel Couture in July…<3

  • kitkat

    i like her!

    also, i love her shoes in her polaroids! who makes them?

  • nani

    She has Jac’s nose!!!

  • boy

    jac jagaciak and kate moss mixture :D
    she is going to be big !!

  • Simbli

    Really like her, but there is lot of girls at this moment looking very similar, im worry that her face is forgottable in tunes of blondes these days.

  • redemptn

    she is actually in my school, she’s a mix of taylor kraemer and keke lindgard..
    she is perfect for valentino <3
    she is gonna have a lotta seccess

  • Felicia is a godsend, what a great new face and great figure…girls like Felicia are what make models dot com exciting to look at and fashion one of the greatest aesthetics…she will do amazingly well

  • Rubiii

    luv it!


    I see a little Doutzen in there too, she must be versitile!

  • Simbli

    I don´t understand why did you delete my post. I didn´t say anything wrong, just my opinion, im fed up how much is cenzured. I said that I REALLY LIKE HER, I do. But the problem is at these days there is lot of girls as looking as she is and her face is forgottable in tunes of blond hair-blue eyes models!! What´s wrong on this please

    • You mentioned weight. Weight = deleted.

  • She is bautiful , no doubt,,, she has a lot of Terese Pagh

  • o…

    soo… you can comment on a model’s face, but not weight??? #contradiction.

  • RCVW

    I love her facial structure…cant wait to see more of her.

  • CV

    I agree. Very much like Jac Jagaciak.

  • KS

    this girl has the word LONGEVITY imprinted on her forehead. she’s gonna b a star. :)

  • jegs

    pretty not unique.

  • KMF

    Wow!! Wish I looked like her! She will go far.

  • Ello

    have a very, very strong feeling it could be valentino-time for her!! :)

  • aynna

    i don’t like her..sorry

  • hmm so pretty felicia, i agree nani jac’s nose…..
    she is gonna have a lotta seccess