Daily Duo: Justin P.



Red Model Management NY is always directional in their scouting, so we were not surprised by their latest newbie, Justin Passmore. Justin isn’t your conventional beautiful boy – even the way he was scouted was unconventional – spotted by Dave Fothergill as Justin walked home after he had been fired from his retail job. The rest of the story is serendipity as Justin is now on option for a major campaign and some major shows in Paris. Playing guitar for Brooklyn psychedelic band Tennessee Tinman just adds to Justin’s allure… we believe his look is an acquired taste but the proof is in the signing, and lots of a-list clients are acquiring the taste for Justin’s unique brand of beauty.


Full Name:
Justin Passmore

Light Brown
186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Orlando, Florida, USA

Date of Birth:
July 8


Mother Agency:
Red Citizen New York


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  • roo

    He does have a handsome face, but, I say remove the beard and shorten the hair. walaa.

  • NEX

    well, he has a great look and definitely can be a model, but I’m not so sure about his beard. if he really wants to be a model, he should be ready with the risk that an agency want him to cut off his beard. the second point is his skinny body. it’s not so balance with his head.

  • Monamour

    What a man!

  • who ever scouted him… great job! he is brilliant!

  • jake

    i like the long hair, especially when its tied back, i find that very sexy – but the beard must go, or at least be trimmed.

  • Beyond a beard and long hair he really isn’t a very unconventional or unusual model – strong cheekbone, alluring eyes, tall, a toned body, white – nothing new there.
    Break those moulds and then maybe think about discussing fashion branching away from the concepts of conventional beauty – a bushy beard isn’t exactly ground breaking – just another flash in the pan of the ever revolving and needy fashion world. Yawn!

  • Gressex

    Wow, the last 4 polaroids really show his potential. Keep the hair long! The beard (and noticeable creeping neck hair) should be trimmed/neatened. He looks fabulously masculine and rugged with it. Bravo!!!

  • erika

    He may be good-looking, but with all of the facial hair, who can really tell? Lose it!!!

  • From his Vimeo I can easily see how Justin attracted attention! What a fascinating look! So nice to see a modeling agency looking outside the box for something FReSH!!!

  • Cool :)

  • sach

    don’t think he needs to change anything, everyone seems so obsessed with changing things about every model. Why is that?? He’ll attract clients that fit for his look I’m sure.

  • Santiago

    Please don’t change the beard and the hair. I love his Jesus look, it’s so fucking hot. I do not like conventional beauties, and this guy is something different. Perfect in this way.

  • a real man

    he is so dirty, i love that! I can’t wait to see one kind of woodstock editorial with him.

  • Danielle

    We have the same birthday! And i love his look, different and pretty at the same time :)

  • adriana

    I see a bit of Heath Ledger in him… especially those eyes

  • Zack P

    none of his actual pictures show how handsome he is as in his polaroids

  • He is HOT! I love his face and hair, but agree his beard is little too much on SOME of his pics..but for example the first one is genius!!.. as for the beard I prefer Patrick Petitjean ;)

  • BMD

    Completely agree with Dave above. Let’s not get too carried away with the word ‘unconventional’. Very hot though- don’t change his look, there are plenty of other models who already look that way.

  • roman

    Finally, a new male model that doesn’t look like an dead-eyed endless xerox copy from Sweden/Germany/insert random European country her. Great look and body and awesome beard. He could trim it a tiny bit, but that beard is stand out nonetheless. LD

  • Eamon

    You guys are crazy…


  • Adrian

    Great look and amazing potential! With training he can do much better. His first test shots look more commercially and more for band advertisement rather than model but His digitals ooze with greatness, Bravo!

  • harlow

    this guy is awesome.. TOTALLY COOL

  • tKO

    best find ever, whether he makes it big or not i dont care… i think he is the real deal. watch out


    What’s so new abou this guy. his beard. Please. Skinny white boy with high cheak bones.
    If he were asain with a beard then we could talk. Oh, wait the industry doen’t do asian and if they do it’s one at a time.

  • joebee1kinobee

    He is perfect the way he is. He was scouted that way, and should stay the course. If HE wants to change, he should.

  • He’s so effortlessly cool, love it. I have known about him for awhile, glad he is finally getting the exposure he deserves. I wonder what the campaign is…

  • I love his earthy sexiness. I especially like the contrast of beard and long hair when he’s in a suit. Very handsome guy who makes me want to look more.

  • Darnell

    Without the beard he’d be every other model therefore he’s something new & fresh to the world of modelling. One agency’s trash is a next agency’s treasure ..

  • Amanda

    DAMN! Super hot Man!

  • Mihu

    I think beard is sort of getting into trend. I know a bearded model who is getting a lot of jobs at the moment, specially runway ones.

  • 2cool4school

    He looks like a gypsy from Boogie Nights at first glance :) but if you can subtract that and the Jesus comparisons, he is actually very handsome and has one hell of a look. He tells a story with his eyes and I would imagine interviewing him would be very entertaining.

  • The best model! Is fantastic and amazing! Very so very beautiful!!!

  • Ramona-Kay


  • He looks like a fashionable Jesus!

  • Tawanda Freeman

    He’s giving me penn badgley when he doesn’t save.