Daily Duo: Ornella



Scouted while sunbathing on the beach in her hometown of Marseilles, France, Ornella is currently in NY with Trump Management. A professional jazz dancer, Ornella is not only an expert at jazz hands, but also knows how to move in front of the camera – a skill that has already paid off in the form of an editorial for Wonderland, and a Benetton fragrance campaign. We’re quite sure this French siren will sweep New York.


Full Name:
Ornella Pereira

175cm / 5′9″
86 cm / 34″
61 cm / 24″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Marseille, France

Date of Birth:
September 29


Trump Management

New Madison

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  • interesting.

  • lauren


  • christy


  • Chou

    I think I might be in love…

    And i am gay!

  • jake

    i like her. it seems the french are taking over

  • Stacey

    She is very pretty
    I like her lips and
    her a green eyes.
    The first picture is just WOW !

  • w0krestaurant

    i really like that tank top. i wonder where she bought it x3

  • Ewa

    Janice Seinen Alida’s lost twin?

  • NEX

    what can I say? she has the body, she has the eyes and she knows how to make a smizing face. juz look her first shot, i already know that she definitely can be a model, not juz model, but supermodel. seriously, the camera loves her too.

  • Mihu

    Andrej Pejic on the tank top, cute!

  • Viva la France! Viva la Ornella! what a dreamy girl, beautiful

  • I think she’s stunning and she will definitely get work, but I don’t think she will be major. Just my opinion! She is beautiful though.

  • nico

    She is also with MODELWERK in germany

  • Jana

    She’s absolutely amazing. There’s not a single unflattering picture in there.

  • amalie

    new madison is starting to get quite a few fantastic GIRLS at there newfaces division..loveit

  • Yasmin

    I like her, especially in the 3rd and 5th pic… but to me she looks more like an actress

  • RCVW

    i’d love to see more editorial work from her!


  • HH

    She has a demanding face,the more I look I think she has a bit of actress Liv Tyler looks


    I love her eyes :-)