Daily Duo: Malte F.



Already on a confirmed exclusive for a very prestigious upcoming show, German boy Malte has made an impressive impact as a recent discovery by Quantum Seven (how do they do it?!). With a clean cut yet quietly elegant look, Malte is earmarked for high end luxe. Scouted in Cologne, this Eminem fan has a passion for travel that is about to be indulged.


Full Name:
Malte Flierenbaum

187cm / 6′1.5″

Place of Origin:
Bonn, Germany

Date of Birth:
July 23


Mother Agency:
Quantum 7 Model Management


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  • g

    he looks really good, but gotta pay attention to his posture!

  • Looks as if the same face picture was cut and pasted on all others. Good-looking, but please emote!

  • NEX

    he’s great, but still need a little bit more relax with his face and his pose.
    but he’s still can be a model, include high-fashion way if he tries hard.

  • M

    Very strong look, I hope he does well. Does look a bit young in few of the pictures.

  • Lesley

    such an interesting face…

  • gorgeous body!

  • Lily

    His head looks scarily big compared to his tiny body, but it’s also a very cute head.

  • anna

    He is so beautiful !

  • Heidrun

    I’m so proud of you because although you are still so young and unexperienced in this business, you already behave quite professional and work really hard this week in Paris. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you your first steps … I appreciate and enjoy it!
    I’m looking forward very much to your first show on Friday!
    Lots of Love, your auntie

  • Sarah

    He is a bit too skinny in my opinion, but has a really cute face. :)

  • Lucas

    I love his face shape. And cute strong looks.

  • philip

    good face. more pics on http://www.quantumsevenmodels.de

  • jakob

    Is it obese americans who seem to think he is too ‘skinny’ or his head is bigger than his body? This is all too common thinking (and verbalizing) in the US where the obesity is extremely common, so when they compare someone as young and normal looking as this young man he (and females as well) are somewhat caricatured and lumped in with the category of anorexic youths when they are simply an average young individual whom is not overweight as often is in some countries – typically the US. It really is tiring to listen to or read critical posts regarding we europeans who are typically thinner than americans – who tend to be at the low end of the spectrum in terms of exercise and proper eating habits. Generally speaking, this looks far more healthier than a chunky stature (overwrought muscles) and/or a slumping posture.

    So, in your critique of young models, please be objective instead of subjective – with reality.

    Thanks for listening.