Daily Duo: Laszlo



Laszlo’s mom’s friend introduced this young stunner to Folio Montreal and he was signed immediately. From Montreal, this boy with matinee idol good looks has been in Milan for the past month with I LOVE. The kid has a look that just works – from slick, elegant and right over to edgy, Laszlo has got it going on. With interests that range through visual arts, film and music, Laszlo is the complete package, one we’d like to call intelligent beauty.


Full Name:
Laszlo Ricciardi

185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Date of Birth:
November 28


Mother Agency:
Folio Montreal

Marilyn Agency

I LOVE Models Management

  • Andrew

    Amazing shots and great face!

  • W

    please have the model potential before you got here

  • Julia

    WOW he’s what we can call perfection !
    I already saw him in a video on huntermagazine.com Check it out, he is just gorgeous!!!

  • T.I

    pure italiano

  • Rubiii

    Amazing girl

  • NEX

    from these photos, the third and the fourth are so bad. the lady is more shining than him. however, with other photos, he definitely can be a supermodel.

  • rocks!!!

  • mikkaaa

    and also hungarian :P

  • i doubt it, montreal, everybody is mixed there, except they speak francais

  • Mat

    I want this Diesel Tank Top!
    Great face ;-)

  • Love08

    Yes NEX, in the third and forth photos the female model stans out more than he does: but that’s the whole point: these pictures were taken for a Canadien boutique that only sells womens clothes.

  • pete3

    Really versatile and has an unique beauty ! He can truly work in high fashion… Can’t wait to see him in the shows / campaigns. More please !!!

  • valerian

    I went to school with Laszlo, my best friend dated him for a few months. I always knew he modelled, though I never knew it would take him this fa. Proud of you man!

  • RKx

    Huntermagazine.it <— Here is a better preview of him rather than those photos. Fitted body ;p

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