Viennese newcomer Benedikt waltzed into Wiener Models on an open call day two weeks ago, and he was signed on the spot and photographed. Five days later he was jetting out to Paris where he is signed with Ford. Super smooth and super cool, Benedikt has that luxe vibe that is oh so attractive. Also signed with d’men in Milan, we say a resounding ‘jawohl!’ for the upcoming shows and beyond.


Full Name:
Benedikt Angerer

185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Vienna, Austria

Date of Birth:
May 17


Mother Agency:
Wiener Models

Ford Models Europe

d’management group

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  • RRW

    He is like.. God.

  • g

    he looks SO good.

  • good boy -=)

  • He’s like a Ken doll. You couldn’t dream up perfection like this. I could see him modelling for Ralph Lauren.

  • CV

    He looks like the male version of Karolina Kurkova.

  • Erika

    Absolutely divine!

  • Augusten

    I could only see him modeling for Ralph Lauren if he was with Soul.

  • He really is stunning. Love him.

  • Those incredibly LARGE eyes, sharply defined cheekbones and luscious full lips… this kid is a marvel!!!

  • nat

    he looks amazing, hot!

  • Eyes

    OMG ! How He is amazing! :D

  • miss dom

    Hes like eric of true blood goood.

  • I featured him last week! So happy he’s getting more exposure!

  • Alexandre

    He is beautiful to me.

  • Reminds me a bit of Sebastian Sauve. Around the mouth area anyway.

  • Really love his lips! Great face!

  • Sarah


  • he should be an actor, with that face

  • simon

    no joke, this is the best looking guy i have ever seen. and i’ve looked at this site for a few years now…

  • OMG IM MOVING TO AUSTRIA! Wiener Models have incredibly strong man board!
    super gorgeous! flawless!

  • martina

    a bit too skinny, i must say. the lips and heads seem a bit out of proportions in comparison to the rest of the body. I assume then he’s really young. He’ll make a startling career, but let him grow a little.

  • yes…worked with him last week!
    great face and personality

  • Roger

    I absolutely love his look but he is a bit too skinny.

  • Nex

    with those beautiful eyes, that smoothy lips and that happy smile, he certainly can be a mod…, i mean supermodel. ^^

  • Nichole

    He looks very young.



  • Eloise

    I literally come to this site just to admire the eye candy like this guy. He’s like eye pancakes, bacon, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, strawberries, cookies, and cake all rolled up into one delicious man.

  • Cordell


  • beatriz helena

    omg, he’s wonderful, I think he should be an actor, with this beatiful face… HIS SMILE ON THE THIRD PHOTO IS PERFECT. Can’t wait to see more of him!

  • K

    Oh. My god.
    guafougjfujhauhg EFFING GORGEOUS.

  • tuba

    ahha! German guyss <3