We know SoCal girls are fierce but today’s newcomer Kalia is a black belt in taekwondo and stunt double! Kalia is currently filming the movie Hunger Games as a principal performer (and garnering lots of press, too), but her interesting, quirky beauty is the thing that has us abuzz. This kid was signed with Ford LA after submitting her photos online. Unrepresented as yet outside of LA, Kalia is sure to be kicking some serious fashion butt after her portfolio is out there. Oh, and by the way, she was the girl who pulled Peter Parker out of a burning building in Spiderman 2, so we know that Tobey Maguire is a fan!


Full Name:
Kalia Prescott

175cm / 5′9″
78 cm / 30″
63 cm / 25″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
California, USA

Date of Birth:
November 5


Mother Agency:
Ford LA

  • jimmy

    i only can imagine her to do commercial stuff

  • Joe Smith

    Oh, those eyes and lips. She is absolutely lovely. Got my vote!

  • Lou

    She can do fashion too, of course she can. She has an intriguing face

  • Meg

    LOVE HER! Found this: . Looks like she’s been working since just a little thing. Skilled AND beautiful…..LOVE it! Jumps horses, surfs. Bet she’ll be able to do anything she wants to do!

  • She has quite unique features, though more commercial than high fashion. Stunning. I love her! And shes doing Hunger Games!:D

  • Yasmin

    hmm, not so special looking, I’m not so sure wether she’ll do well or not… I think I have to see more pics or maybe she should stay in the stunt double industry.

  • natasha


  • Lisa

    What an amazing young lady. This girl is going to steal the spot light. Mark my word! Not only natural beauty, but black belt in Tae kwon do, accomplished equestrian, surfer, stunt’s and act’s in top rated movies. This girl is going to kick some royal butt.

  • Bec

    Wow!She’s lovely.She was famous before she ever was a model!

  • M

    needs more when the mouth is closed


  • RCVW

    shes amazing!

  • Angelique

    What a beautiful young woman! To see her accomplishments on the internet movie database shows that this is a girl who is more accomplished in her young life than many adults out there! Best to her in all she does.. she is a rising star!

  • tanairi

    hunger games fudge yeah!

  • lori a

    To be so young and so talented……her outer beauty is far from the only thing shining on this fresh new face! Wish her all the best on her new journey.

  • NEX

    she has a beautiful round eyes and with them, she make some smizing shoots and all of them are so high-fashion.

  • Kalia is a LOVELY young lady. she is striking and VERY memorable. the future is bright for Kalia in many compartments of the entertainment industry.

  • Jennifer B

    Not only beautiful but she has so, so much more to offer then the typical model. Think of the unique shoots that could be achieved with her when an average model would be whining or flat out refusing to perform.

  • Nicole

    I absolutely LOVE her poses for Brandy Melville photos. Such personality! Each shot is different and amazing. and she’s my favorite hunger games tribute… Go D4! loved you before i knew you even modeled! cant wait to see you make it BIG (i know you will)
    Love ya supermodel! stay beautiful Kalia!