He’s gangly, almost gawky, but Elvis has a certain something that is creating a real buzz, especially in Paris and Milan. This boy is the absolute antithesis of his namesake (his parents sure do have a sense of humour), and Elvis from Germany (via Lithuania) has a young, thoroughly modern beauty.


Full Name:
Elvis Jankus

189cm / 6′2.5″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
February 3


Mother Agency:
Quantum 7 Model Management

Success Models


  • Suzi quatro

    Ufff. In my opinion, he’s just the kind of guy castings directors won’t let pass when casting for a show. Super tall, sharp angles… he’s got kind of a “Benonish” thing going on. Let’s just wait and see!

  • y

    Yep, i thought about Benoni too

  • Andrew

    Too perfect to be true.

  • I found a video of him’

  • Nina

    Too ” birdy” :-)

  • Dea

    he is flawless. fairly interesting and quite phlegmatic. and we have the same agency in milan. ohyeah, boy, i hope you’ll be there in september/october!

  • ATP

    he looks very much normal, but I think I’m in love…
    I would put him in the same category as Francisco Lachowski

  • deschamp


  • beautiful eyes!

  • I’m not terribly impressed by him, but it is always wonderful when someone finds success in the industry. So, best of luck to him!

  • Stacey

    im almost in love maiin

  • NEX

    luv luv luv n luv. he’s so fresh n definitely can be a model, well…, not in high-fashion actually. but he still can be a great commercial model. ^^

  • tang


  • fashion Student

    Perfect for a Prada or Topman campaign

    He looks like a male Stella tennant

  • Giachem

    Elvis is a Virgin ;)

  • He´s amazing, my favourite! :)


    du bist top elvis

  • Katha, Sungyoen & Kim

    We looooove love love you.
    U are to perfect to be true.
    We want a mini Elvis !!
    Elvis… wir haben heute ein BILD für dich !!


    ooooh nice….he looks very handsome and beautiful at the same time…something about her face that looks girly to me…and its interesting … i like him

  • philip

    good face. more pics on


    Very Cute~Love U Soooo Much


    I like his eyes and facial expression :-)

  • Stephanie

    Too gorgeous! I´m in love!

  • K

    I like him, he’s awkward and birdy, but it’s interesting!

  • tuba

    owwww! damn attractive

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