Passionate about photography and modeling, Alexandra has a quirky, almost Elizabethan charm that is hauntingly beautiful. With red hair, milky white skin and freckles, Alexandra is a Florida native who has a look that evokes British countrysides and stately manors, not the raunchy rhythm of Miami’s beach life. Discovered after submitting her photos to Elite Miami, soon after having her braces removed, Alexandra is nothing short of striking.


Full Name:
Alexandra Madar

178cm / 5′10″
82 cm / 32″
61 cm / 24″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Miami, Florida

Date of Birth:
May 9


Mother Agency:
Elite Miami

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  • This girl is absolutely incredible.

  • Jana

    Very unique! She can do cute and striking equally well.

  • Aiste


  • formermodelbooker

    Wowww, with right management, great walk…we can see here stomping her way through countless catwalks and magazines… very interesting.

  • Rango

    Love the girl! hate the first two pictures, make her no justice

  • mish

    could do really well with the right development, but miami will not do that for her!


    she looks great with makeup!

  • charlotte

    loving everything but the polaroids

  • Staci

    This girl is incredible! But these photos are kind of old. Her new ones are just as striking! She is phenomenal!! I can tell she is on her way to stardom.

  • Gi

    OMG! She’s fantastic and so unique! Finally a newface that is really interesting and outstanding! I’m amazed to see the new US models.

  • I absolutely love this girl, her book/development is really impressive and the polaroids are lovely! Go Alexandra and Elite Miami!

  • Simbli

    Very happy about seeing her here! After long time very interesting face. Nobody can forget her!!! I see big future, I´m not usually fan of red-haired girls with freckels, because there are many many of them and agencies go for there girls, because they are different. But she? She is amazing and not like the others!!

  • Yasmin

    don’t like the polas…

  • OOOOHHHH she is incredible beautifull! Looking forward to see more of her soon :)

  • This girl was born to be a model! I adore her hair, freckles and eye shape. Hopefully I can take photos of her someday, we both live in Miami :)

  • Clare

    Those polaroids are old. I’ve been following this girl on Elite’s site. A lot of these photos are old except two. She’s truly spectacular regardless!

  • Sonny

    She looks the same in every picture but I like her freckles and her hair.

  • gorgeous. excited to see her career develop.

  • KS

    PRADA should get her.

  • stace

    I’m always partial to a redhead, and this girl looks great and can deliver. But to say she was discovered is misleading. This girl knew she had the goods and did Elite Miami a favor by sending them her pics, and announced herself to the fashion industry. They happened to pick her up.

  • karen

    Why is this girl not signed with a NY agent?! She needs to be in NY. Miami is not the market for her. She has a fantastic look!

  • Marjolein

    For god sake why did they choose that first picture? She’s stunning but that in that first picture she looks like a demon and in a bad way…

  • Fitzka

    She is with Fusion NYC and walked in the just passed NYFW. Waiting for updates – I’m a big fan!

  • Haylee

    I think she is gonna leave Fusion. She needs to be with Ford or a bigger agency, this girl is gonna rock the fashion world. I am also a big fan!!! Can’t wait to see more of her!

  • Bobby Neal

    I’ve seen a lot of beautiful girls in my lifetime, but she’s got to be one of the most Gorgous Redheads I’ve ever witnessed!! How on earth could her schoolmates have been cruel to her!! If I’d been a young guy at her school I’d have stopped all that, and tried with everything in my power to make her notice & fall for me!! WOW!! She’s perfect!! Good luck in the future!! I’ll be watching to see you as long as you’re there!! God Bless you!! What a complete DOLL!!

    Sincerely…With Respects,
    Bobby Neal