Daily Duo: Dillon



Dillon has the best of both worlds – a dual citizen with a father in the US and a mother in the Netherlands, this kid has spent a lot of time traveling. Scouted when his model sister showed his photo to her agent, Dillon had a test shoot and his career took off from there. He walked for Versace at the Spring 2011 menswear shows, and is now signed with Major NY. Dillon’s intense beauty has a versatility that will keep him busy as a model. A keen volleyball player and Nintendo gamer, Dillon has now put down the video games and is pursuing his model dream.


Full Name:
Dillon Rosel

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
The Netherlands

Date of Birth:
November 14


Mother Agency:

Major Model Management

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  • jake


  • Love his eyes. In the fourth-to-last photo, I really see true model potential. He surely has the height! Hope he goes far.


  • woohoo go nederland!

  • Erika

    Excuse my French, but this kid is F-ing beautiful!!!

  • NEX

    absolutely stunning! i luv his gorgeus sleepy eyes. it’s juz so hypnotized. i can see him as a high-fashion model.
    P.S.: luv his long sleeve T-shirt in second shoot. he really sell it.

  • bobby

    First shot…Jude Law anyone?

  • I like his innocent face.

  • Tracy

    Dear God…is he part giraffe?

  • Gi

    I like him! Such an interesting and intriguing face. He’s definitely different from the rest.

  • jkatty

    we already have a problem with female models been too skinny we don’t need that with male models too, nice face and height but he need to eat some meat.

  • Xanax

    Those are some sharp facial bone structure! WOW!

  • very contemporary! great all aspects…. no matter what others who are not in the know say.. there are some amazing choices here :))

  • lala

    great face. very skinny though.

  • Edmond

    Dillon is sooo sexy laaah!! Hehe

  • ann98

    Dillon has the best of both worlds

  • Alexandra

    Perfection and we have the same birthday. Unf.