Daily Duo: Calandra



CLICK LA discovery Calandra has already shot with Bruce Weber for German Vogue – not a bad start! Discovered at a Trader Joe’s grocery store with her dad, Calandra is a violinist and classically trained ballet dancer. Still growing and still in school, Calandra isn’t ready to storm the runways just yet but give it time and we’re sure we will be seeing a lot more of her.


Full Name:
Calandra S.

173cm / 5′8″
81 cm / 32″
58 cm / 23″
84 cm / 33″

Place of Origin:
Los Angeles, California

Date of Birth:
December 7


Mother Agency:

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  • Jess

    she’s beautiful. i see plenty of potential in her. get over her height, 5’2 that’s short, not 5’8.

  • Ann Arbor

    Seems like a nice girl.
    Bad photos.
    Looks like she was crying all night.
    And sad.
    Needs some rest and comfort.
    Maybe the wrong business for her?

  • christy

    she looks great

  • Dila

    I see some Daria Werbowy!!!! Congrats Calandra, you’ll make it far <3!

  • Alaison

    She is just beyond ridiculously amazing. Her eyes give off some serious Jessica Miller/Daria Werbowy vibes. That being said, she certainly doesn’t fit the “unconventional” mold of the majority of models, but her traditional beauty has a certain edge that makes it impossible to refer to Calandra as “boring”.

  • Some photos I am thinking “Wow! Yes!” while others I am unimpressed. Time will tell & let’s hope with age she gets height as well!


  • amazing

  • pastelle

    Sick of the same faces

  • pastelle

    I do like that she is a sagittarius

  • Gi

    She’s cool and also reminds me of Daria. But just like someone said above, I’m kinda tired of the same faces aswell.

  • mish

    loveeeeee her

  • Happy birthday… u look great.

  • Caitlin

    She is beautiful. I love the shot with her hair over her eye.

  • Well, once I say Freud was such a novice compared to some considerations I read above (hehe peace and love btw! but I think it’s not even remotely possible to guess what a girl feels with few pics – for the record models I saw crying were everything but sad in pictures they took…), I have to say… not mad about her, she has to work hard imo, but I like Calandra, her solid beauty, the reliable model she seems to be; so with a great longevity and yep, with time that can be a very welcome factor for her.

  • Yasmin

    Very nice. she has snejana o.’s eyes! Too bad she’s so short ( I doubt she is going to grow still…) How does one make it with 1,73 m into vogue??!:-D – I mean, she’s not THAT amazing/special- but quite interesting… I wonder how her career will develope! Good luck!

  • Yasmin

    Oh yeah, and imo, she looks very east european… not american at all! ;-) She must be pretty young, because she’s wearing braces…

  • natasha

    i see potential. looks like she has a very versatile face.

  • Super unique look. She’s really beautiful. I think she’s going to go far.

  • Zie

    YES! can’t wait to see what happens :)

  • lala

    I love her face. Very youthful and fresh. She’s a little short though but I guess her weight gives the illusion of a taller height.

  • Sonny

    I’m a sucker for her big brows and light eyes.

  • You look so gorgeous,amazing and more than beautiful and i belief you are also kind. i wish you the best. Lastly you deserve to be miss universe.

  • Trista

    Wow she looks beautiful and very tall for 5’8. I have a friend who went for modeling at the age 14 and she is 15 and is 5’4.

  • She’s so beautiful! Love her stare, especially when she’s not looking directly at the camera! Her profile is stunning! Love her eyebrows too!


  • jini

    wow. anyone can see Calandra is a stunning beauty.

  • Mihu

    Very pretty, but looks like she’s 12 or so (or the daughter of Daria!). I think the height is fine if the proportions are good. Tired of the big fuss because of 1-2 inches more or less!

  • Crystal

    She shot for an edition Vogue this early in the game with a major fashion photographer. Who cares about her height?

  • Jaz

    wow, she’s really pretty

  • Calandra is a lovely girl, and great new face who shoots incredibly well, and any one that says differently will have no relevancy to her career and the fact that one of the most important photographers in the world just shot her… kudos to you Calandra!

  • lady anonymous

    I think she is has an intriguing look and still has room to grow. In regard to her

    looking sad, its an acquired taste of fashion.

  • Fashion

    She’s gorgeous, and very androgynous. I’d like to see her hair slicked back though.