Daily Duo: Anna Mila



It’s the all too common scouting story – Anna Mila was discovered while out shopping with her mother. The place was Berlin, and the person with the keen eye was Peyman Amin from new agency PARS Management Munich. Anna Mila is a girl with a million talents – as well as being incredibly beautiful, she is also an accomplished linguist (speaking English, French, Ancient Greek and Latin – the last two handy if she travels backwards in time!), athlete (track and field running) and musician (plays piano). Phew! Now the amazing Anna Mila plans to turn her focus onto the fashion industry – and with only a few polas to her credit so far, her modeling personal best is yet to come.


Full Name:
Anna Mila Guyenz

178cm / 5′10″
84 cm / 33″
60 cm / 23.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:
Berlin, Germany

Date of Birth:
December 16


Mother Agency:

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  • Stunning! I can already see her in major compaigns!

  • I love her expression of disgust! (no, I’m not joking or being mean, I truly love it!)

    her smiling his adorable too!

    anyone with her lips and jaw line is a winner in my book! looking forward for more work!


  • don’t like her lips… when she smiles, it’s great.. but if it’s normal.. hmm.. not my taste in combination with the nose.. BUT: would love to see pics with make-up and styling.. can imagine a big change then..

  • charlie

    her skin looks like butter, it’s perfect.

  • kc

    oh yesss! she was discovered during a casting of TAFF! (popular german gossip tv show) ! i saw her on tv and thought this girl has everything to be a real successful model! but unfortunately there was no family name of her given :/ its kind of a super surprise to find her here on one of my favourite sites by accident :D

    anna on MODEL IN ONE DAY (tv casting), you gotta click a few images forward:

  • she is Grt ! Ofer Mc2 telaviv

  • Great features. She looks great in the smiling one.
    She may want to work on not looking so tired, and opening her eyes a bit more,
    maybe changing her expressions a bit as well.

  • She has so pretty smile :)

  • Alaison

    She has a very matte finish to her face. Absolutely flawless.

  • I like her a lot, she is amaizing! Lovin the first photo!!

  • muglerette

    she is pretty but has no neck…….

  • what a lovely girl, shoots great, looking real forward to see her pro shots…and how brilliant, so many languages, wow! What a smart girl, she will go so far…

  • scout

    Adorable! A girl with many talents is so much more interesting.

  • her smile is great! :)

  • prefix

    love at first sight.

  • bianca

    Am i the only one who thinks this girl looks like Adriana Lima?

  • Yasmin

    Once, Peyman Amin was a jury member of Germanys next topmodel… xD
    Anyways… great newface! She looks so fresh and happy!!! Too bad we cannot see her body…
    It’s weird, but in the 4th & 5th pic she reminds me of Miranda Kerr, in the 5th pic a little bit of Romi Schneider!! weird combination… ;-)

  • Kate

    Her last photo has some similarities to Natalia Vodianova.
    She is quite gorgeous!

  • bianca

    baby brooke shields

  • bond

    She is beautiful and i think she will be a great model!

  • bond

    Wish i was her being seen by someone who thinks she already has the talent.

  • Sarah

    She has a cute smile and cute baby blue eyes. I have to disagree with muglerette, she has a neck, it’s just not freakishly long. I am 5’9.5, and do not have a long neck, but it is still is elegant and can be complimented gorgeously with the right cuts of clothing.

  • elyse

    She reminds me of Brooke Shields when she was young.

  • Coco


    She is freaaking AMAZING! God Damn the scout must have been happy seeing her.

  • Ana

    shes beautiful i see a little Natalia Vadianova

  • OH MY GOD! I remember seeing her on german TV and realised straight away that she will turn out into something fabulous! Stunning and Beautiful, is all I can say.. Wish her loads of success and prosperity! I love her <3