Daily Duo: Kylie



Blonde, blue-eyed, and with an interesting hint of stormy teen angst, Kylie started modeling just a few months ago. Her very first job was with the legendary Bruce Weber for Hollister and, come June, Kylie will be modeling full time in NYC with Silent. A girl with that classic All American look with a high fashion twist (think Bridget Hall), Kylie has the kind of versatility that could make her a hot item. Keep an eye out for her in the upcoming season.


Full Name:
Kylie James

Dark Blonde
174cm / 5′8.5″
81 cm / 32″
58 cm / 23″
85 cm / 33″

Place of Origin:
Citrus County, Florida, USA

Date of Birth:
June 20


Mother Agency:
Prodigy Model Management



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  • Alaison

    She is certainly very lovely…But seriously, I’m so over this “blonde with blue eyes” trend. It’s blindingly obvious that this girl isn’t a natural blonde, and you can see that her natural colour would really make her features stand out.

  • S.

    great face , especially mouth

  • ATP

    it’s a blonde coco rocha!

  • I like her a lot, but as a brunette she would be outstanding!

  • kitkat

    I totally see the coco rocha comparison. Coco Rocha and Bridget Hall.

    Alaison:She very well could be a natural blond but more like dark blond. Seeing that she is from Florida, her hair probably lightens from the sun.
    But I know what you mean…sometimes I feel like we are still living in a world with “Aryan race” standards. I find this particular model very intriguing but with people, not just models, in general, blond/blue eyed does not make up for a bad face and does not make someone automatically beautiful.

  • anthony

    She is naturaly blonde. I know her.

  • Listed at 5’8.5″, so she’s probably closer to 5’8″. She’s cute, not stunning. This is the kind of girl I would expect to see at Muse, or Fusion, not Silent.


  • Could use some chapstick on some of the pictures. Otherwise, nice.

  • stace

    Her very first pic reminds me of Karolina Kurkova.

  • she kinda looks like a boy


    She ressembles a lot to Kareolina Kurkova in some pictures but she is certainly very beautiful.

  • KF

    I think she is great! AND I like her just the way she is. I think the opposite is true…… everyone is saying they are sick of blonde hair blue eyes? I am tired of looking at girls that are only from Eastern Europe etc. It is nice to see an American girl with edge.

  • garrett

    she’s like a baby Karolina Kurkova!!

  • Yasmin

    -I agree with Alaison…

    -She does look in a few pics like Karolina K.
    I love her mouth, but somehow she just doesn’t convince me- too comercial, too plain,
    not memorable enough… to me a not very thrilling face.

  • Anastacia

    I thought it was KK! LOL

  • I love her freckles! I hope to see Kylie soon in France! I would love to have a picture of her in my portfolio!


  • in love!

  • HH

    She has a fierce and strong look in shoots though in polas she is really cute

  • karina

    This girl is a classic new star. With Silent NY & Paris, she will def. have an amazing career!

  • karina

    She looks like a classic star. With Silent NY & Paris she will have an amazing career!

  • you know…


  • great face and she looks great blonde, blonde hair blue eyes rock

  • I think this girl is gonnabea STAR. Looks like she can work in Europe very soon. Paris is going to love her.

  • M

    I love her freckles.

  • jorge

    I love her face, top beauty girl. One of the best I have seen.

  • karina

    Finally another star from the USA, well needed!

  • lala

    She has a very unique face…good for modelling…but 5’8.5 is kind of short…I see her doing more editorial work. Plus her face screams personality…good for her!

  • yap in love. even if she might look common, I don’t need “ugly” models only because “they look different”. she’s a beauty and got the little extra.. love her.

  • Junior

    Muito bela…lembra a Karolina Kurkova, em partes!

  • katrina

    Looks just like Karolina Kurkova

  • sorallas

    Very beautiful.