Daily Duo: Yijia



Yijia Cheng is from Chongqing, China… and that’s a lot of syllables for this extraordinary beauty. Yijia has just signed with DNA New York, and will arrive there in June. From the same mother agency as Xiao Wen Ju and Sui He, Yijia is the embodiment of the motto carpe diem, as this is definitely the moment for the next incredible Asian girl.


Full Name:
Yijia Cheng

180cm / 5′11″
82 cm / 32″
59 cm / 23″
87 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Chongqing, China

Date of Birth:
January 24


Mother Agency:
China Bentley Culture Development Co., Ltd.

DNA Models

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  • jake

    wow. she photos like a dream – there is something about her.

  • j.lAY

    She’s so beautiful ! Wish her all the best

  • Julien

    Lover her face, just not sure of her hair color on her polas

  • Ali

    A demure, elegant beauty, I really like her

  • gina

    wow.. one of the MOST STUNNING new faces I have ever seen here… ABSOLUTELY ADORE her and can’t wait for more!

  • Joe

    So very lovely. She seems to take on each role quite well.


  • Yasmin

    Her pics are imo not very convincing… but I LOVE her eyebrows!
    I always find it “shocking” if a Chinese is 5’11 !! :D I think its bizzare because, you know, chinese people are usually pretty short…
    I find it amazing what styling and makeup (photoshop *ahem*) can do… compare the first and last pic!! In the first pic she looks just gorgeous and in the last pic… well, to be honest, she looks not so beautiful,sorry !!
    I also think she’s too skinny… and she looks as if she also needs some rest!

  • Andrew

    I absolutely adore her!

  • Gilly

    Eww, please PLEASE dye her hair back to black. Love the cheek bones too. But the hair. Natural is chic.

  • HH

    The 1st picture already got me.She’s definitely a star

  • S.

    I agree that she might be needing better polas, but her editorial work is undeniably amazing. Her face is such an awesome canvas and her proportions seem to be runway perfect. Such a great newface.

  • Baise

    Amazingly beautiful.

  • Cara

    Great girl. Definitely needs some better lighting in her digitals though…

  • .

    shes a mix of du juan and Danica magpantay

  • deschamp

    nice, look forward to seeing more of her in the future

  • RRRaul415

    Good thing the polaroids were taken down…not flattering.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like Liu Wen lol. She’s beautiful don’t get me wrong.

  • soso

    wow she is incredible!

  • will

    thats not fair, you left all the other people’s polaroids on but you took her down when she got bad criticism? thats what models.com is for! good and bad feedback

    • The polaroids were taken down due to an agency request, not for any other reason.


  • Her features are gorgeous! I think she looks better when she is serious!


  • Zig

    WOW Chongqing?! Really surprised to see it pops out here cause most Chinese models on MDC are from northern China..

    How come you guys think her hair color isn’t natural? How many Chinese have you seen? There are over a billion Chinese people in the world, just imagine how huge the gene pool is. Their hair colors naturally range from light to deep brown, you don’t get to see real deep “black” hair unless it’s dyed. Though most people have darker hair. i personally know a 100% Chinese girl whose hair was blonde when she was a child. It was 20 years ago when the dye wasn’t available so she stood out, she would do anything to make it darker. Even if the color was artificial then what? She’s not the only one. Or are you saying she can’t do that cause she has to have dark hair since she’s Chinese? So non-Asian models can’t put on cat eye make up? Black models can’t straighten their hair?

    She’s beautiful and doesn’t look like neither DU Juan nor LIU Wen at all. All of them are great models though.

  • cyril jordan

    i just wanna leave a comment to zig, don’t take it personally because most chinese models or asian face models have always a jet black hair. i know that china has a billion population but majority of them is dark hair. look at other south east asian countries such as the philippines. typical filipinas have a light brown, chestnut, mahogany, dark brown, or even a dirty blonde to dark blonde shade of hair color(mostly people leaving near the sea). but since having jet black paper straight hair is the perfect example of being beautiful portrayed by the local media here in our country. i guess westerners have the idea that if your asian then you must have a straight black hair. i hope someday that the fashion industry would have an asian model coming from south east asia that have a tan skin, light brown hair and wide eyes so that they will have an idea of other asian look…

  • may

    i prefer the other asian motw girls

  • Keiya

    She’s beautiful- a complete stunner!

  • Vivienne

    its ridiculous that i’ve seen this arguement more than once…
    why do asian girls need to have black hair?

    sigh, everyone is so boring.

  • She’s gorgeous! Probably one of my favorite MotW girl

  • M

    If you look closely in person, many Asians do not have black hair. Their hair is very very dark brown, but it is not always black. From far away, and in pictures/films, it looks darker. I am Asian, and I have extremely dark brown hair, with tints of natural red.

  • daichuliang

    like her really really

  • Nichole

    I like all the pictures excluding the first four. Half the time she doesn’t look Chinese…her adaptability is quite unusual for me.

  • A

    No offense to anyone, but it really bothers me when people automatically declare that having black hair is essentially required of asian or chinese models.

    First of all, no, it’s not. I’m Chinese and a model(granted not a famous one like these people) and my natural hair color is a dark reddish brown and I’ve gotten many compliments on it. The modeling industry is not about putting stereotypical images on an ethnicity in models, it’s about finding beauty in appearances, even if they seem out of place.

    Some people are just close minded. Sigh.