Daily Duo: Andrew W.



Discovered recently at Sydney’s famous Paddington Markets, Andrew Wallace is the antithesis of the bronzed Aussie. This pixiesque being has already stirred up interested in London, and with his otherworldly aura – almost like he just stepped out of a Peter Jackson movie – Andrew has totally piqued our interest.


Full Name:
Andrew Wallace

Dark Brown
183cm / 6′0″

Place of Origin:
Sydney, Australia

Date of Birth:
August 29 1991


Mother Agency
eMg Models

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  • Sandra

    He’s so cute.

  • :-)

  • ohsococo


  • What a lovely being…

  • alice

    awww his hair :D i love it

  • Erika

    He’s so cute……. like a waif boy!

  • Dan

    He is very tiny! His waist looks like it’s smaller than that of some girls.

  • Jessie

    quirky chanel model

  • martin cohn in a wig?

  • Lily

    Irina Lazareanu, only prettier :)

  • J.C.H

    It’s all about this boys eyes.

  • Roxy

    His brilliant eyes…

  • he is sooo..going to be famous!…. edditorial boy… love it! alll he needs to do is date emma watson!..

  • tiff


  • juki

    wooaaw he’s so cuuute ^^

  • mique

    editorial superstar

  • V

    He definitely looks younger than 20.

  • Sophie

    Did this face ever make it to Japan? He would really be a star there!