Daily Duo: Daria A.



Discovered while shopping in her hometown of Taganrog, Russia, Daria is currently in Milan with 2morrow models. With compelling blue eyes and lush lips, Daria is a total sweetheart. A fast study, Daria is learning her trade very quickly, and is developing a promising portfolio – her quiet determination matched with her alluring beauty will appeal to discerning eyes everywhere.


Full Name:
Daria Arbuzova

177cm / 5′9.5″
80 cm / 31.5″
62 cm / 24.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:
Taganrog, Russia

Date of Birth:
February 26


Mother Agency:
Noah Models

2morrow model

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  • It was amazing do this shooting with Daria <3

  • Julien

    Love her eyes!

  • nicole

    she was great to work with! great future in front of her!

  • amazing camera contact and emotion!!

  • Lovely girl, the yellow photo is amaizing
    Wish her the best


  • She is an everyday surprise!

  • I am not totally convinced, but the girl is nothing if not versatile.


  • johnny bigs

    OMG she looks soooo beautiful

  • roux

    wow! I LOVE HER! She reminds me of my favourite model Daphne Groeneveld! So I love Daria too :-)

  • pastelle

    She looks so familiar to a model that’s out already but I do like this type of look!!!

  • Waist:
    62 cm / 24.5″
    it is not normal

  • Erika

    Interesting, beautiful girl. In the first shots, she looks like Irina Shayk. In the following (blonde)shots, she resembles Julia Stegner. So… very versatile!

  • Lovely girl! I would love to photograph her one day! :)


  • Xanax

    This is the second coming of Esther Cañedas. Beautiful!

  • sexyangel

    Stunning!!! For me she looks like a younger Luca Gadjus! BeautifulBeautifulBeautifulBeautiful

  • Yasmin

    Amazing face, very fresh, cool and interesting!
    She reminds me just a bit of Karolin Wolter!(especially /only in the 1st & 2nd pic; though I like Karolin better…)
    She seems abit shorter than 1,77 m and hasn’t got a very symmetrical face, but oh well!!! ;-)

  • Yasmin

    @ Erika: I can’t see ANY resemblance between Julia Stegner and Daria… not even the slightest hint!

  • Michelle Delcart

    nice nice awesoume … capture of the beautiful hair and face of this sexy model. wish her best luck!

  • felix

    Another Russian diva’s born! Love this bushy eyebrows a’la Vodianova! Such a great chameleon of her! Totally love it! Amen

  • Taganroooog =)))))))

  • Sarah

    Reminds me of Daphne Groeneveld!

  • katya

    Simply stunning! also her surname means watermelons in Russian :P

  • Grace

    Shes nice.. but her face is not symetrical at all :|

  • aynna

    i don’t like her nose. too big for her face

  • emil

    Does anyone know who’s the photographer of the yellow photo?