The DR delivers again! Discovered on Facebook by a stylist from Ossygeno Model Management in Santo Domingo, Zuleika was signed to New York Models within a week. A testament to the diverse beauty that the Dominican Republic has to offer, Zuleika is brand new but definitely going places.


Full Name:
Zuleika Reyes

176cm / 5′9″
82 cm / 32″
59 cm / 23″
84 cm / 33″

Place of Origin:
Valverde de Mao, Dominican Republic

Date of Birth:
March 13


Mother Agency:
Ossygeno Model Management

New York Model Management

  • jake

    great face but needs to learn how to use her body more elegantly. her smile also looks fake

  • Very good proportions of the face and body.
    What nature gave her – great.
    Girl I must say that you need to read, intelligent, pretty good book
    watch a good movie, and take the emotions
    that she has not in have in life …

    in her eyes, no emotion – they are empty.
    and always the same.

    model – an artist at heart.
    If she learns that she will be one of the best
    while she – is too small ….

  • HH

    I’m sorry but she looks too young.I mean her face.She could do more with her dace and body expression

  • nek

    she looks about 12 years old and i’m hopeing with time, she will be amazing

  • She has a model figure but needs to work on her expressions. She has a unique look, but before she starts modeling she should conquer it and learn how to make it work for her!

  • hannah

    she has the perfect body but she needs to show more emotion through her face.she seems to look the same in every photo there is no variation from picture to picture.i can see her doing runway.shes very pretty.

  • Lu

    She’s pretty but I think she’ll have to work on her expressions. This will come to her throughout her experience with modeling. Hopefully she can improve and show us all what she’s made of!

  • KF

    I never comment on these posts with new faces but I have to this time. This model is very beautiful but she is a BABY!! I don’t think she could be older than 13! I think that she needs to enjoy her life, laugh and play. She should come back into the business in a few years. I don’t get how she was signed right away!

  • model

    wow !! very skinny legs, body!!

  • Taylor O’Brien

    Her Polaroids are better than her test shots.

  • rob

    I don’t wanna be mean or anything, but Dominican people are pretty UGLY. I mean, seeing the last two Dominican girls that were posted here and this one, i see no attractive at all. Zero model look. And I don’t think that only white people have the looks to model. I would rather see an asian or black girl than this girl. Her face doesn’t match her body. It’s bizarre.

  • So many comments, and the mirror what I was thinking. She is tall, thin, with empty souless eyes. It makes me wonder, does she want to model or has she been pushed into this? If she loves it, she definitely needs more experience to look natural, her eyes don’t show any life. She has huge potential, it makes me wonder if NY Models snatched her up knowing she will ‘grow’ into her amazing potential.

  • you know you cant help but thank for images like this.. once again they show the importance of natural beauty and non staged emotion being whats so important to proper modeling as to what the superbowl is to the sports world.. just love to see imagery like this and that too in a new talent.. its very encouraging not just to new but established models and also gives things so much more meaning and worth in image.. great stuff!!

  • OK, I have to say it:

    A model’s first test shoot, which is what is shown here and on most profiles here at Newfaces, is for the purpose of seeing how a model will photograph with makeup, lighting, and the whole works. It isn’t about a model smizing or showing how well they can do “broken down doll”. For most models, their first professional photo shoot is the first time they have ever been exposed to such a thing, and even the first time they have even thought about what it is to model. The first time they have been in front of a professional photographer, in a studio, had their hair and makeup done, worn designer clothes, had all eyes on them, the first time taking direction. It’s a learning experience, not the time to ham it up to the high heavens and try to emote the need for world peace using only the power of their eyes. I can guarantee you that even your favourite, most expressive model looked awkward in their first ever shoot. Only the bare bones of potential is what needs to shine through, not ready made supermodel presence. That comes with time and experience.

    Rant over.


  • bunny

    I don’t know why people are ranting on her first test, but she is gorgeous!!! Beautiful, I see lots of potential. One of the best Dominican girls I’ve seen posted lately.

  • amanda

    This isn’t ANTM where SMIZING was invented (and perfected by Raja on Ru Paul’s Drag Race!) These are just new young models who are courageous enough to put them selves through this level of crazy criticism. This girl has masses of potential and she’s 16!!!!

  • Baby Lakshmi!

  • Hailey

    She’s got a lot to learn.
    In every picture she tightens her lips. Open it and show some expression.

  • Jflo

    She is beautiful and will go a long way! She has the perfect model body for high fashion, but she is a little too skinny for me…

  • Georgia

    I never comment on the posts, but today I must say… I think made a mistake, because she’s the first new face I’ve ever seen here that doesn’t look like a model. She doesn’t have any expression, and her different beauty is not pretty.

  • cyril jordan

    i really like her face! she looks exotic and she could be any kind of race… for me, she looks kinda filipino to me…

  • sharly boy

    very nice…..i like…that………

  • Yasmin

    She might be 16, but she looks like 12/13… I guess this is what designers like(unfortunately)!
    For my taste, she is too skinny, and her eyes seem “empty” to me! And her smile/laugh seems a bit fake… her lips also look tense!
    It even looks like she doesn’t want to do this :-(

  • Megan

    Love her and she has a perfect body- look at those legs!

  • kf

    too young and too skinny. give her a couple years to mature and fill out! honestly, because she is a child and her look will not sell clothes. I think that if she re-enters the industry in 4 years, she will do great, but not now

  • she looks terribly “bored” but, I do however love her features and stature. With the right direction and support team she can be wonderful…Get her some more tests, experience is priceless.

  • She is interesting, amaizing body.. but still I am not sure if I like her or not.. looking fwd to more pics..

  • Divalicious

    Wow her face is very unique. But I have to agree with anyone else here. Her eyes seem dead.

  • Rosy

    Every human being is beautiful. She’s a little too skinny though needs a little acting classes to just get some facial action and expression going. Dominicanos in my opinion are beautiful people white people are not the only beautiful people. She also looks too young but modeling does not have an age limit. But great pictures keep workin hard and you’ll make it because natural beauty is the best beauty their is unlike some artificial beauty models who are always trying to please people exept themselves.

  • msflerida

    lovelly!! im sure she will look better once she has grown up a lil more.

  • sandy

    stunning . Ossygeno rocks!

  • Lindsay

    Looks like Wanessa! cute

  • Elena

    She will be a beautiful woman….by now it’s just a baby. I don’t like her expression cause it’s always the same.

  • I didn’t know anything about this website before some day i accidentally saw it on my friends page, I was watching everything here. I am a model too, and for it was very interesting to see young girls getting started for model business.
    Among all young models on DailyDuo, to me she is most beautiful here. I don’t feel sorry for her, I don’t defense her. No! I honestly think she is a True model! She has everything! You people shopuld be jealous for the Eyebrows that girl has. She has amazing face, amazing body.
    For those who think it’s not the model type girl and she has no talent or think that she has “weird” beuty I should just say they are stucked in their own little model world where they v never seen a beautiful girl like that.
    She is something unique, and when silly people see something unusual they like monkeys start to freak out because they don’t know how to act…
    She hell skinny! yeah! Awesome! be jealous, models who always worrie about their fat here and there coming out after eating cakes nd hamburgers..nd for those who can’t get the proper Eyebrows which this girl has!!!
    Good luck , girl! Don’t be even bothered what people here say!

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