With the unmistakable swagger of a rock god (think Jim Morrison meets Michael Hutchence), indigenous Aussie find Jake is chock full of surprises. This one time plumber was scouted by an agent from Chic in a Sydney bar, and has since worked for brands like Ksubi and shot for GQ and Glamour magazines. From a cultural background associated more with spirituality and dreamtime than with fashion and commercialism, Jake has an edgy urban look that could carry him far. Derek Zoolander once pondered about how many Aboriginals were models – we’re happy to say that Jake is here to fill the void!


Full Name:
Jake Gordon

187cm / 6′1.5″

Place of Origin:
Sydney, Australia

Date of Birth:
February 26


Mother Agency:
Chic Management

Major Model Management

  • Ali

    He is different which is a good thing. Indigenous Australian must be a first.

  • Jackie

    Can I have his number? –

  • alessafan

    I want to marry him! and give him a looot of children! He’s perfect!

  • Nicholas

    Does anyone know the meaning of his tattoo? What is the first word? Yuluuvirri?

  • WoW, Jake is exceptional, though the only bit of Australian Aborigine I can see in him are those wonderful lush eye brows! Hope we’ll see a lot more of this kid!!!

  • Doina

    OH… He is just perfect!!!

  • Mimi

    Hey, it’s a hobbit.

  • Zara

    Obviously Australia was colonised by the British & the majority of Aussies have British surnames/ancestry. So, how ‘indigenous’ can he really be when he has a prominent British surname? ‘Gordon’ is a Scottish surname, not an indigenous Australian one.

  • Gisela

    He’s sooo cool!! A perfect Aussie!

  • Jay

    Such a Michael Landon look

  • j

    I never thought Australia would leave a hot curly like this.

  • amanda

    Zara Australia was invaded by the British 200 years ago so many indigenous people would be bi racial but I would assume that Jake is much more proud of his aboriginal culture. I know I would be.
    He has so much potential as a model…who cares about his surname being anglo. It certainly doesn’t diminish his unique appeal.

  • Kyle

    Love the long hair! Love the different look!

  • K

    Duuude! I don’t know WHAT to say but I just had to comment on this. I think he’s my favorite male model.

  • Julien

    humm i don’t really like his look… I don’t see something interesting in his bones structure

  • NEX

    what can i say! he’s a great model with great body, great smizing and also great personality which i can look it at his photos. my favorite one is his Calvin Klein’s Shoot. luv it so bad. ^^ <3

  • WOW…what a hot look, Jake shoots incredibly well and any one with half an eye will recognize that…he will go incredibly far with the right team, and would look great in cinema too. We wish him the very best

  • Jimmy crack corn

    Very skinny legs, he looks better at his Polaroid’s

  • Joe

    wow an Aboriginal , thats really cool

  • Ramona-Kay

    wow!! his hair and eyes omg =D

  • randall

    He doesn’t have any real stand out qualities in my opinion.
    And the aboriginal claim, it may be true, but who would have noticed without being told?
    i wouldnt say anything special, but hes tall and thin, isnt that the only thing you need to be these days?
    everyday look, somewhat interesting background.

  • Eamon

    ^ hmmmm, how about charisma, flair and male beauty?

  • brock


  • Chloem

    Jake is amazing! Exciting things to happen for this boy with the right team behind him, as for his background I have seen an article he comes from an Aboriginal mother and a Mediterranean/European father. There is a classic but edgy vibe about him.

    Great figure as well as a strong editorial face, be sure to see him owning the International runway circuit!!!

  • nickola

    WOW! Calvin Klein really need to know this kid, for sure about the runway… Balenciaga boy for sure!


  • cc

    amazing on the outside and amazing person on the inside!

  • Georgia

    What a talented young man with a fantastic mother to boot !!! Its NO WONDER Jakes the man he is today ! Well done Jake and we all wish you well !!

  • Nigel S.

    Hot damn!

  • SXC BOI. What a stud, can anyone say “NEXT TOP MODEL?” and not with Tyra, im talking THE WORLD BABY! 1st stop Australia, next stop WORLD DOMINATION! XXX Cant spell POTENTIAL without POTENT!

  • Whatofit

    Get Yo ass OS now!!! Australia doesn’t know what to do with your sexyness

  • emma

    that jake gordon kid is first cousin. N hes doing amazing hes family is soo proud.

  • fashionistsa

    bring him to Milan immediately!

  • Susie

    What a beautiful man. Next big thing for sure xx

  • wendy

    Jake is one of the loveliest people on the planet, I’m so proud ot know him and of his work, he’s not one to bignote himself while being proud of who he is and where he’s from. Jake works for those less fortunate than himself whenever he gets the chance… all round good guy and so HOT! Go well Jakey xox

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