Elisa is a Brazilian girl who just glows. Her light brown hair and green eyes have an unmistakable feline appeal – completely apt, given that her last name translates to mean “lion”. Perfect skin, great bone structure and a hint of mischief in her attitude combine to create an air of mystery. Elisa was planning on attending military school until she was scouted and signed to EPModels. The plans have now changed – Elisa has joined the ranks of the Brazilian model army and is ready to be deployed!


Full Name:
Elisa Leão

Light Brown
175cm / 5′9″
83 cm / 32.5″
63 cm / 25″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Jacundá, Pará, Brazil

Date of Birth:
May 15


Mother Agency:
EP Models Agency

  • Leon

    what a great girl! she reminds me A LOT of Annalynne Mccord!

  • valerian

    I get an abbey lee vibe from this chick

  • rockz. though her teeth.

  • Wow she is gorgeous, haven’t seen new face like her in a looong time!

  • She looks shorter than 5’9″ though. & they should take that damn thing off her face in the first few photos.

    Looks like a girl Marilyn would sign.

  • Julien

    I LOVE her, there’s something really unique about this girl!

  • Yasmin

    She looks pretty much like one of the actrices in Tarantinos movie “deathproof”(especially the expression and her mouth!!)… That’s why she’s probably on a picture where it says deathproof, no?
    She’s interesting but maybe a little short?

  • anatasiya

    How is 5’9″ short? SHe’s very unique and she has that sexy girl from Brazil thing going on. Let’s see where she gets to.

  • alessafan

    wow Magdalena Frackowiack’s little sister in the first picture!

  • Lu

    She’s ok. Her polaroids are pretty much the same expression along with some of the rest of her shots. Definitely a mix between Abbey Lee and Annalynn Mccord.

  • Magdalena Frackowiack, that’s what I see :)

    I wish she would try a different expression though..she will learn over time :)

  • Gisela

    She’s so amazing! She really has that feline appeal which makes her look so strong and mysterious. She’s not quite ordinary and is definitely one of the gratest newfaces I’ve seen here.


    she is going to rocks !!

  • Michelle

    Annalynne Mccord!!!!

    Lovely face!

  • thumbs up on this girl…more tests/editorials please…

  • Racqel

    Man, she’s got talent. “Lion”… I like the idea…

  • aynoray

    A DEFINITE Marilyn girl.

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