Daily Duo: Tsagana



With roots in Russia’s Republic of Kalmykia (just like recent MOTW Dinara), Tsagana was scouted whilst shopping with her mother in Hamburg, where she is now based. Tsagana has a doll-like beauty that changes from delicate to stormy in a blink of an eye. So far only working locally in Germany, Tsagana is brand new and is as yet unsigned elsewhere. With the world of fashion becoming so much more diverse, we can see Tsagana’s brand of beauty finding a place globally.


Full Name:
Tsagana Barvantsikova

178cm / 5′10″
81 cm / 32″
60 cm / 23.5″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Elitsa, Russia (based in Hamburg)

Date of Birth:
October 21


Mother Agency:

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  • OMG, she’s so unique! And she photographs so freakin’ well!!! *.* Her stare… :OOO


  • do

    a new breed of russian models on the way.

  • I dunno…. there are so many AMAZING asian models right now that I feel to get to the top with them would take something very, very special. Pretty girl, but I am not sure it’s unique enough…


  • such a doll face.

  • kitkat

    She’s cute. Doesn’t look 5’10” though.


    TY YMNICA!!!

  • Bunny

    Not one of my favs but asians are dedinitely coming on strong this season! Really cute eyes.

  • PMA is stunning, they’ve great newfaces.

  • Elina

    Kalmyks def. have the narrowest eyes on the planet MY PEOPLE!

  • lu

    Interesting girl. Would def love to see what’s to come…

  • K

    I love her boots!!! GO ASIANS! I’m a blasian myself… :)

  • June


    Best of both Russia&Asia

    excited to see more of this unique beauty

  • cyril

    im also asian myself but fashion industry it just for this one type of asian face. the chinese narrow eyed. remember, there are variety of asian faces. such as indians and filipinas. the first asian supermodel ever is anna bayle from the philippines and she doesn’t even look like liu wen, ming xi, tao okamoto, ai tominaga shu pei qin or fei fei sun. i hope that beauties from south east asia with a very distinctive exotic beauty will be present from the major fashion shows…


  • Baise

    She’s gorgeous and Im happy to see more Asian models.

  • Gi

    She has such an amazing face, but doesn’t seem much the fashion kind to me.

  • Odiel

    She reminds me of Bjork

  • Yasmin

    My comment was deleted the !!second!!! time, but as I already said, I’m not a fan of her because for MY taste her face is too round and chubby and her eyes are too small and look a bit weird!!!
    I just don’t understand why these dumb editors keep deleting my comments!!!!!!!! It’s not mean, it’s just that her look isn’t my taste and I want to speak my mind… this isn’t a fan site, everybody should be allowed to say what they think… and a opinion is supposed to be honest, so it doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative…

  • Alex

    Wow, she’s so uniquely gorgeous. Best of luck to her!

  • anonymous

    Well, Yasmin we already know of how much you dislike Asian models. You pretty much throw up on every new girl who’s Asian for being that, Asian. Sigh. Shouldn’t you vent out your racism elsewhere? To do so in a fashion website is more than misplaced. Either way, it’s not like you matter. These models will continue to break out in the industry regardless of the narrow-minded few like you who think they don’t deserve it.

  • June

    word @ anonymous

  • HH

    Russia is introducing a new breed of faces..I love the b&w pic.Maybe she needs a certain angle to look really convincing?Agreed with cyril.S.E asia has another different type of Asian faces that I think needs more exposure and avoid the stereotype that all Asians only looks like Chinese and Japanese..

  • Ramona-Kay

    wow!! she s so cute, love her she cant hardly open her eyes, so narrow n so pretty!

  • merve

    hellooo thats not a joke
    she is going in my classe ;) …<3

  • just saw her at the agency yesterday.. I’m not certain.. guess she’s “special interest” only, as so many asian models are – unfortunately.

  • lauren

    She is amazingly unique! I have never seen a face like this. Kalmyks are beautiful!