Daily Duo: Michelle W.



Michelle was discovered after her friends sent her photos to agent Monica Chacon in Lima who then sent them on to John at Elite South America. Michelle was signed straight away and left Peru for Paris at the speed of light. Already getting a great response in the French capital, Michelle is concentrating on modeling for now, taking time out from her university studies to develop her career. Totally new, and with her big personality and impish beauty, we’ll be keeping an eye on this senorita.


Full Name:
Michelle Woyke

Light Brown
179cm / 5′10.5″
80 cm / 31.5″
59 cm / 23″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Lima, Peru

Date of Birth:
February 8


Mother Agency:
Elite Latin & South America

Angels & Demons Models Paris

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  • The second picture is ridiculous. So beautiful.


  • HH

    She has personality.I like her

  • Helen

    I onestly don’t think she’s that beautiful.I really lke her hair but to me mouth and teeth are fundamental and I don’t particularly like hers.Just giving my opinion!

  • daniel

    I can totally see her doing cosmetic campaigns and beauty ads… she is so beautiful!

  • Francoise

    this girl is from Peru and that’s quite interesting as most of models from South America come from Brazil lol … if she wants to be the next Gisele Bundchen , she has to work very hard and to focus completely in her modeling career.
    she’s gorgeous! but let’s wait what she got for the industry to show and offer. we’re just watching some pictures of her, does anybody know if she has a good catwalk?

  • ^^ I agree. But, I still think she is gorgeous. Her chin, and brows I think are features that will help differentiate her with other new-alikes.


  • adriana

    beatifull girl, amazing eyes,

  • Michael j.

    interesting!! haven’t seen a peruvian model in a long time here.. apart from myself =P go Michelle!!!

  • Lila

    She’s pretty, but rather commercial…
    I wonder what her ancestry is? Her last name is German, but look-wise i would say Hungarian.

  • I like.

  • jeffrey Rue

    This young lady speaks to the Camera!! Fantastic

  • Rough around the edges, but potential is there. I like her.


  • nice swimsuit and commercial look at lower angle

  • Victoria’s Secret.

  • lily

    i see alittle bit of Julia Saner in her

  • Ad_U

    Love her hair and lips! Hope She gets more work!

  • danielle

    she look like Tanya Dziahileva and julia saner…. in fashionspot¡
    and she is elite models (milano) , nice video and very cute in angels and demos (paris)

  • Eamon

    a bit commercial… but still.. VA-VA-VOOM!!

    you can almost see those angel wings on her

  • cellerosvision

    the next Gisele Bundchen? Give me a break pls…

  • Yasmin

    She does look like Julia Saner (but unfortunately the non prettier version, sorry!)
    I don’t like her mouth or chin part, but the 1st pic is quite nice…
    I agree with “cellerosvision” : I pretty much doubt that she’s gonna be the next G.B.!

  • eze

    the most beatifull model i ever seen !!

  • Edouard leroux

    Michelle est magnifique, BUT I would highly recommend her improve her catwalk,poses and to show a better attitude in front of the camera because that would make her stand out of the other models and get people rid of the idea about southamerican models , because not all of them come from Brazil , and Michelle has the BIG JOB to demonstrate the world that in Peru there are very good models as well (there is another Peruvian model who’s making a good job in the industry, Juana Burga), like in Argetina(Sofia Krawczyk,Paula Bertolini,Naomi Preizler,Tetyana Melnychuk,Antonella Graef and some others)… bonne chance Michelle ,NEVER give up , this is a very difficult industry and you just have to demostrate that you can do it, you have a great future in modeling!!!

  • Congratulations Michelle. You look so beautiful!!! =) You’re a great model.

  • I think her teeth are very beautifu, she looks better in black and white.

  • Ad_U

    TO ME IS KIND OF MIXTURE OF JULIA SANER & ABBEY LEE. She’s unique and beautiful!

  • alara

    omg she looks like barbara palvin