Yes naysayers, Irene’s beauty is an acquired taste. Oddball maybe, but certainly this girl won’t be overlooked. Irene is totally new and already has sparked a bidding war amongst a few of the best agencies. At 16, this Austrian lass was scouted at her ballet school in Vienna by an agent from Five Eleven Model Management. With a Spanish mother and Austrian father, Irene is fluent in five languages, as well as mastering body language – her images reflect a natural poise and easy grace. Irene’s cuteness score is way off the charts and we anticipate some interesting career updates very soon.


Full Name:
Irene Pichler

Dark Blonde
177cm / 5′9.5″
84 cm / 33″
60 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Vienna, Austria

Date of Birth:
April 16


Mother Agency:
Five Eleven Model Management

  • Ali

    1st photo she looks girl-next-door.

    The polaroids show some potential, but I am not seeing anything special in her yet.

  • marc

    She looks amazing !!! She has an interesting face . I can definitely see her on the pages of Italian Vogue and in the next Prada Campaign. Love her !!!

  • lovely!

  • Mara

    Irene’s eyes and face are stunning. I can see Steven Meisel booking her right away…

  • Yasmin

    Imo, there’s no way to Vogue or a Prada campaign… I just can’t see it. There are definitely more interesting girls out there!
    I like her profile, but I don’t like her face when she’s looking right in to the camera- I think the nose is what’s bothering me. She’s ok, but looks pretty average to me.
    She seems to be a very interesting person, but maybe she’s just not made for the model business…
    p.s.: she reminds me of Anabela Belikova! (i think the cheek part/expression?)

  • Liz

    Nothing special

  • majid khan

    she is gorgeous even with round and cubby face.

  • KYLE

    I can definitely see Prada and French Vogue – I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her in the next campaign or even on a exclusive come the next shows season.

  • wonderful new face for commercial print- gap, urban outfitters, target, etc

  • pastelle

    I think it would be cool to see a girl like this doing high fashion she not the typical high fashion girl but I think she can definately do both her round face almond shaped eyes and cute mouth is stunning she looks yound and fresh and mysterious I like her I think she can bring a lot of lust to a product.I really like her!!!!!!Fresh fruit if u ask me!!!

  • tony

    beautiful common girl. for modeling her nose is certainly a problem.

  • pastelle

    At one point big lips and gap buck teeth weren’t acceptable…….she beautiful end of story

  • i disagree about prada and french vogue…maybe uk with lucinda and co…
    but still some chemistry is needed here in this case…question does she love modeling????please let this comment stay…thank you

  • Average look, but there is something special about her. I like!

  • kf

    looks too average

  • Elouise

    Skin of an angel!

  • Raoul

    I love her baby like features. I think she’s amazing!

  • Amanda

    What languages does she speak?

    • She speaks English, German, Spanish, Catalan and Italian fluently.

  • amanda

    Yasmin opinions are like Escalades….everyone has one. Turn that frown upside down!!!!!

  • amanda

    And Hollywood Sentinel….Target?????? Really????

  • MAdeleine

    Think she has an interesting face, but would be lovely to see a picture of her smiling. There is no true beaty without a smile.

  • martin

    Wow! Diese wundervoll glänzenden Augen: wie zwei strahlende Sterne am Himmel; so wunderschön! Liebi Grüessli und alles Gueti, Gsundheit und Zfrideheit im Nöie Jahr 2012!

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