Daily Duo: Paulina G.



Paulina is a Polish girl with lush beauty. Discovered in her hometown Bialystok, Paulina is currently in Paris with Game Model Management. Strong brows, a sensuous pout and dark chocolate eyes all add up to exotic. Paulina has worked in Poland to develop her portfolio and personal style. With new found experience and tons of poise, Paulina is ready to make her mark on the rest of the world.


Full Name:
Paulina Gierasimiuk

176cm / 5′9″
83 cm / 32.5″
64 cm / 25″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Bialystok, Poland

Date of Birth:
November 10


Mother Agency:

Game Model Management

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  • jake

    seriously impressed by her face, but her proportions look a little out

  • she’s sweet. I wish you success

  • Beautiful, I wish I spotted her first &
    I would shoot her in an instant!

  • Nats

    Goodness girl! please give me your eyebrows.
    She`s going to have a nice career.

  • CJ

    @Jake – What do you mean her proportions look a little out? She’s beautiful!


    I think she is the most promising girl from the moment, she is so Balensiaga style.

  • Mars

    stunning face, love her lips, she looks strong and sweet at the same time…GOOD LUCK Paulina !!!

  • Erika

    Impossibly gorgeous face (especially those lips!!) but i think lacking a high fashion body & a little height. Think she’ll do well, though.

  • Shaz

    Really nice lips!

  • Ali

    @Erika, 5ft9/176cm is tall enough for high fashion.

    And regarding her body type, I hope she does not get pressured to lose weight,

    She looks fantastic and is simply stunning

  • Mia

    She has this Tatar look, very gorgeous.

    Her body type is perfect, she doesn’t need to lose weight if it is what some of you are thinking.

    And if we do see her thinner than her current weight in the next few months, then there is definitely something wrong with the industry!

    Best of luck to Paulina!!! :)

  • a.

    brava mia!!

  • Yasmin

    I don’t like her polas, but I do like the professional shoots!
    I agree that her proportions “look a little out”, but I think it’s that’s because she’s pretty short… (probably shorter than 1,76 cm)

  • i always knew barbie can go far from where she is started…i told you sooo poli:)

  • lu

    Agree with the proportions also. She’s simply beautiful though and her photos obviously showcase that she can shoot high fashion. Something tells me she’ll do even better commercially.

  • Jana

    Truly lovely!

  • One of my favourites <3 Unique and unforgetable

  • G.Natan

    Remember Fernanda Tavares, made in Brazil

  • Pauline here is truly lovely, truly stunning who will go incredibly far with the right team.

  • trend

    Wow, echoes of a young Audrey Hepburn, around those thick eyebrows. She’s a knockout!!

  • Pretty face <3

  • lovely presence in her photos, I’d like to see more expression as well! Amazing features!


  • trish

    stunning. great lips

  • ParisPatrick

    That photo is old and she does not look this anymore, well at least not 100%, I suppose. Then she obviously looked gorgeous. But to be fair, a more recent photo would be a better basis for judgment. That said, hope to bump into her in Paris sometime!

  • Patrick de Paris

    There are some recent photos of her too and yes, she still looks like a straight ten, triple AAA. Very sensual yet innocent looking. Perfect for lipstick or eye make-up as well as generally beautiful. Great symmetry. A picture of perfection.
    Good luck Poli, I hope all your dreams come through and you can live like a modern day princess in Paris.