Daily Duo: Ellen P.



Discovered by 55 Management’s Alex Fourier at a model convention organized by Dilson Stein (the scout who discovered Gisele Bundchen & Alessandra Ambrosio, among others), Ellen is a new girl ready for the world. Totally new, Ellen’s whimsical, delicate beauty is definitely attention grabbing. Encouraged by her friends to take up this opportunity to model, Ellen has already aroused interest in some influential casting camps. First she’ll take Sao Paulo, then the world!


Full Name:
Ellen Pinaffi

178cm / 5′10″
83 cm / 32.5″
61 cm / 24″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth:
October 21


Mother Agency:
55 Management

Wizard Models (Tokyo)

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  • Beautiful.

  • marydoll

    She is beautiful but her expression is the same in all images. not a big variety there.

  • harlow


  • lovely features. She should just practice on showing some more emotion, but she definitely has the genetics for modeling!

  • not on the guest list

    She looks in some photos like Tati Cotliar, hope she is as good as Tati!!
    Very Givenchy

  • Cute in a Christina Ricci kind of way… if she is marketed as as an edgy femme fatale, she will do well

  • Yasmin

    Reminded me instantly of Kasia Struss!! I guess she’s not very versatile… :-(

  • She is great. Could be another great cross over like Miranda Kerr.


  • b

    Very Pretty but I kind of feel like we have seen her many times before!

  • She’s got the same birthday as me. *Childish saying*

  • Mimi

    Her eyes are definitely distinctive.

  • Pretty cat eyes but her expressions all look like she’s not a happy camper (i know, it’s not en vogue to smile in most cases, but I’ve seen some spooky japanese robots that have more emotion than some models lately)

  • Emily

    Very sweet looking…she reminds me very much of Nimue Smit.

  • Alex Fourier

    It’s only her first test and set of digitals :)
    She’ll come through…

    P.S.: She’s smiling inside… she’s very happy and excited with her NEW life!

  • Eamon

    Sally Field! lol

    She really glows with a bit of production.

  • the next big thing

  • She’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • Laura

    Looks as if she is mixed with some eastern european too.


  • Natalia

    She seems to have a delicate jaw line I like it. It also explains the poses…

  • Rosalia

    A delicare jawline? It is usually another word for a weak jawline and that is worrisome, I don`t think she has one..
    A delicate/weak jawline isn`t popular in thr fashion industry.

  • Lala

    This is absolute no offense to the model because she is beautiful…

    A word to the modeling industry, stop it with the eurocentric idea of beauty, it causes harm

  • Eamon

    @Rosalia I think rules like “weak jawline isn`t popular in thr fashion industry” went out the window a long time ago. There are plenty of girls who have weak jawlines, are ‘too short’, have asymmetrical faces, thin lips, etc. because there are other remarkable qualities about them. In fact, those ‘lacking’ features often add to the models overall appeal.

    In Ellen’s case, her large and wide-set eyes, unusual (for a model) button nose and face shape make up for anything lacking in her jawline.

  • Nats

    I was just thinking about this girl, I still remember her face since my last comment. She strikes me as a Miu Miu girl, especially with those eyes.


    Nimue Smits clone!

  • com certeza uma grande aposta do mundo da modelagem, está de Parabéns Ellen Pinaffi!

  • Irando Neto

    F***ing perfect. I can’t believe my ex-neighbour is now starting such a great career. I wish you good luck, mate!

  • daiani borges

    está ainda mais linda…….já conquistou as passarelas!!! parabênssss, sucesso sempre!!!

  • Marjolein

    I only like her with her hair back, but she got stunning eyes (: