Daily Duo: Kirsi K.



Read all about it! Kirsi was scouted selling newspapers at the door of a major department store. Just like the other Kirsi, she hails from Espoo, Finland, and is signed to Brand Model Management. A bit of a mix between top girls Karmen Pedaru and Marike Le Roux, this Kirsi has a classic yet raw edge beauty. Currently in Paris with Major for the shows, we now have a new fashion week wish: both Kirsis on the same catwalk at the same time!


Full Name:
Kirsi Kujala

Dark Brown
181cm / 5′11.5″
80 cm / 31.5″
60 cm / 23.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:
Espoo, Finland

Date of Birth:
August 23


Mother Agency:
Brand Model Management

Major Paris

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  • opp

    she’s tall

  • Danielle

    pretty face

  • Cute girl, great stats. Just not sure that the face is strong enough.


  • Lovely body and eyes.

  • nice body shape! interesting face, too.

  • kf

    pretty! she has a nice body. to make her face more strong, she should dye those light eyebrows to match her hair and give that face definition.

  • Anna

    With girls like these why is Dree hemingway or even Raquel Zimmermann even getting work?
    I wish this this girl the best, she has a briliant future in the fashion industry.
    She has a very idiosyncratic face, especially with that jawline.

  • filonka

    I see all the time agency picked the same faces nothing fresh!!!!!!!!!! The same type! I just cant understand!!! the agency picked the same type of girls what already in market and then they expect from these new girls, that they will be working allot! I think on this moment modeling world going down ,because nothing interesting! I don’t say that agents from agency are bad!!!! don’t take me wrong, but they are discovering the same girls! On my opinion the new girls have to be different race and fetcher! Then we can make modeling much better!:-)

  • Yasmin

    Too skinny, too bornig… I don’t like her face, it’s kinda pedestrian.
    How do you even DARE to compare this Kirsi to the fabulous, interesting & striking Kirsi P.???

  • hammy

    Please Yasmin, be a little bit nicer. She is a pretty girl.