Daily Duo: Johan B.



Johan is totally brand new. Signed just over a week ago, when he walked into MIKAs, Johan has only polaroids as yet, but they showcase that certain cool that Swedish boys seem to have mastered. A look that’s just slightly oddball but most definitely high fashion. We are big fans of the Swedes, so much so that we’ve self-diagnosed as suffering from an acute case of Stockholm syndrome!


Full Name:
Johan Bergström

Dark Blonde
186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Birth:
November 1


Mother Agency:

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  • Danielle

    ughh another skinny boy…

  • Ali

    He is ok, but his nose has no shape, a bit like my own nose

  • divine,what’s not to like?

  • Me

    Well, skinny boys are what its about!

  • Me

    “ME” is not johan btw, sorry for that, stupid initials!

  • I don’t see it in him…

  • Thanks David Armstrong, for an opinion that actually matters :)

  • HH

    I think he has such a different look

  • Not a huge fan. Pretty Average. His hair is his only distinguishing characteristic. Take that away, and we’ve got a pretty average guy.

  • juanillo

    hola..solo quiero decir que si ustedes no son quien para criticar a estas personas que intentan salir adelante de seguro solo son personas frustadas y a mi parecer esta muy bien el muchacho y le deseo todo lo mejor como a todos los que vendrán y vinieron gracias.


  • TG

    Why do you folks leave comments like that….? I think he´s absolutely awesome, leave it to yourselfs if you dont like it…:S its just mean and anoying……!

  • GM

    I think his hair is actually the only thing holding him back. Right now this long on top thing is totally dominating what we’re seeing out there. I say shorten the top a little and this kid would look absolutely angelic. His image is obviously something in the works b/c he’s new, look for the potential instead of the finished product from these daily duo/motw things.

  • JJ

    His body is ok, and his hair, but is face… I think he doesn´t have the look.

  • JM

    Gooooooorgeous! I would most definatley book him.

  • mm

    i think that with that with the right styling this guy has great potential, looove the eyebrows!