Is he a mod or is he a dandy? Either/or, Matthew brings to mind a young Jarvis Cocker mixed with early ’00s Prada campaign all star Harry Kinkead (who just happens to be a fellow Melburnian). Matthew was scouted whilst shopping in Tokyo, where he was visiting friends. Signed with Vivien’s in Melbourne, Matthew is a fine art student with a lot of style. His kind of geeky cool is an acquired taste but totally enchanting – this boy is more of a muse than a clothes hanger. As soon as he completes his studies Matthew will head to Europe, where he is sure to be able to indulge his passion for art and fashion.


Full Name:
Matthew Benjamin

186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Melbourne, Australia

Date of Birth:
January 11


Mother Agency:
Vivien’s Model Management

  • harlow

    MMMM not really feeling this kid! sorry

  • Lozza

    Nice clean/smart look but I think he needs some muscles to fill out those shirts.

  • Greven

    How can this guy be a model? Don´t understand.

  • Julien

    Sorry, I don’t think he can be a model

  • Xoxo

    Hmmm…. I do like him a little bit. I like the fact that he looks like a normal guy. He doesn’t have the chiseled jawline and high cheekbones. He looks different. And that’s big plus for me! All the male models looks somewhat alike. I’m glad he doesn’t.

  • guilherme

    i think he looks rich, i think he looks clean. he’s not the coolest but i really believe he looks like a model!
    i dont really like the mouth but he can work on that.
    about the body, i like it but that doesnt mean that he doesnt need to go to the gym

  • Phil

    It seems that nowadays models have to be tall…but nothing else. Could be any normal guy with a height of 6’1, sorry, don’t like him

  • William

    Although for those not in Australia geeky cool may be an acquired taste, it is everywhere within Australia, all the rage.

  • lovecats

    reminds me a bit of jarvis cocker, sexy!

  • Hmmm, I don’t see it, sorry..

  • Ali

    Yeah I agree with many of the comments, he a decent looking guy, but I don’t see the model in him, apart from being 6ft1,

  • GEEKY BOYS??… very much IN ryt now

  • effyboy

    jajajajaj model ?!?! i dont think so….

  • Jess

    Why are people so critical its pretty easy to be behind a keyboard, I like his look, hope to see much more in the future much potential.

  • Isabella

    Quit your yapping…

    He has the dainty physique of an 18 year old Japanese male + an extra foot for good measure. He has beautiful brown eyes and holds himself in a sophisticated manner. Sure, he is not a hulking spanish salt of the earth type. He IS, however, a stunner in his own way.

  • Andrew

    I agree with Isabella, I think there is a range of models with different looks and personalities. He isn’t a David Gandy but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a model. Look at Burberry’s mens or Versace’s.

  • Mattias

    I know 10 guys who could do a better job. Me included.

  • Honestly, I think fashion is a series of canons already written and this guy does not look like a model with job opportunities. He has a peculiar look, and should not detract, but from my point of view, I think there are millions of models that are not much better fit back the rotor recognition they should have.
    Best wishes

  • Nex

    Geeky model is a trend now, like Ann Ward. i luv her so much. ^^

  • queenie

    I don’t understand why you’re featuring a model from a tiny Australian agency who hasn’t done anything???

    • Because featuring new models from tiny agencies who haven’t done anything, and introducing them to an international audience and getting them noticed is part of what makes my job brilliant. Because being proactive rather than reactive keeps things interesting. Because fashion is one of the only industries where almost anything goes, where there is a place for everybody, where you can be as irreverent or serious as you want. Because there are a billion model blogs out there featuring the predictable, and not even doing that very well. Because life without variety is a bore. Because Master P said, “… be a leader, not a follower.”

      And Vivien’s is hardly a small agency.


  • queenie

    OK, fair enough, but I think the line “Because fashion is one of the only industries where there is a place for everybody” is a bit silly…

  • James

    most of the people who comment on here know nothing about the fashion/modelling industry anyway, the rest are jealous wannabe models. He has a really cool look, not necessarily classically attractive but his look is very in vogue at the moment and I can see him doing some great shows

  • ANNA

    Unique look…..great face…heaps of potential..should do well in Europe

  • robbie


  • He looks like a normal guy, and not of the coolest ones. A model? It depends on what you consider “model”. Following classical canons of beauty, he’s very far from being a model: no face, no body, neither amazing hair to play with. He’s tall, ok, but also too much slim. He’s got a big nose and wide bulging eyes. He’s not perfect at all, and he couldn’t get close to perfection even with photoshop. But this is theory, something imposed by a common sense of beauty supported by artistical studies about simmetry, proportions, and so on.
    We should ask ourselves a question then: should we call someone “a model” especially because of his beauty, or beauty is just a negligible part of the point?
    If we answer YES to the first question, then we can definetely say this guy is not a model, and never could be. But if we think that modeling doesn’t follow only rules of beauty, then the argument would become more and more articulated. If we consider modeling like a selection of charachterics dictated by fad and trends, we could say that Matthew could represent this trend, so he could be a model in this specific moment, when fashion indutry has began searching for guys like him.
    Personally he’s not my type, I must admit it: I’m more for models as examples of beauty perfection. But I’m not so shocked thinking about the fact that someone could see in this type of boy a model’s face: AD campaigns are very different one to another, and some of them could require guys like Matthew to be more impressive for a specifical kind of clothing.

  • sssss


  • He probably look good for eyewears campaign… I like when he wore glasses.. But not for another formal suit.. :)

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