Statuesque + blonde + Dutch = sensational! That’s new girl Joelle, from Baarn, Netherlands. Just about to finish school in June, Joelle’s eye-catching beauty is a modern take on the glamazon of the 80s. Discovered by Anka Models after sending in her photos, Joelle is now signed to Storm London, Marilyn Paris and Why Not Milan. Joelle’s got the power!


Full Name:
Joelle Beugelink

181cm / 5′11.5″
82 cm / 32″
60 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Baarn, The Netherlands

Date of Birth:
January 10


Mother Agency:
ANKA Models

Marilyn Agency

Why Not Model Management

Storm Model Management

  • Nice girl!

  • Fresh KID!!

    Je weet hoelaat het is…:-P
    Holland in the Mutha.. F… House (-:

  • Raffy

    Reminds me so much of carline win berg especially on the first photo

  • Gorgeous girl! Absolutely adore the first image!

  • Carl

    mooierd. een schone blondine.

  • Vooruit met de geit (‘:

    Love her face, so stunning!

  • photogpl

    very versatile


    very manaquin

    destined for gr8ness


  • G.NataN

    The face is good, but with prodution, the polaroids nothing expetacullar,

  • Love love love. Such a unique face :)

  • Jasmine

    Are you blind G.NataN ? The polaroids look great very unique look!

  • harlow

    She reminds me of the actress “Lucy Punch” beautiful!

  • Cindy

    Why do most Dutch girls have French-sounding first names?

  • Bo

    OH MY…

    she is freaking amazing looking

    Dutch people are doing very well

  • Lala

    The Dutch girls and guys are so gorgeous! Considered the tallest people in the world, they have the best looks too! Taking over the modeling industry <3

  • Lily

    The glamazon thing works, nothing else doesn’t.

  • mimi

    I agree dutch people are so beautiful, you could just like swoop up a bunch of people on the street and make an agency haha…

  • mimi

    i like the polaroids the best from all the photos

  • belgin


  • pariss

    Wow, strong face!! And liking the first two pictures allot

  • Woooow! I need to have her on my portfolio! She is gorgeous! :)

  • david

    why does she only look amazing in the first picture? the rest are OK :/

  • Katy

    no, she looks amazing!
    not only on the first one, she’s perfect

  • VIola

    Another beautiful model that seems almost alienesque. I am not really fond of the first photo. It seems like she’s wearing too much makeup. The rest are wonderful. I love the black and white topless photo.

  • yaxje


    annepan is geweldig. en ja de allerbeste.
    dagdaaag mensjes.

  • Eddy

    this is the nicest girl I ever met….hi girl

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