Since appearing on Daily Duo (below), Jordan and Zac Stenmark have worked for Vogue Hommes, Vogue Australia, Allure, Calvin Klein, and GQ Australia.


Is it Jordan and Zac or Zac and Jordan? Identical twins from Sydney, this dynamic duo shot their first tests just over a week ago. Like true Sydney boys these two are excellent surfers and swimmers, and totally into footy (AFL and Rugby League!). Yes, Jordan and Zac are the epitome of outdoor, sporty maleness so beloved in the Great Southern Land. However, these two have a leading edge – or should we say just an edge of edgy to make them that much more interesting. Ridiculously buff and handsome, these two are a tour de force!


Full Name:
Jordan Stenmark / Zac Stenmark

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Sydney, Australia

Date of Birth:
March 16


Mother Agency:
Vivien’s Model Management

Red Model Management

Premier Model Management

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  • they are gorgeous! super

  • Mat

    The twin thing is super cool at first I feel, but the novelty soon fades and casting agents and clients will have to pick one over the other. Look at Ann and Kirby Kenny, soon enough it was either one or the other walking top fashion shows in Milan and Paris. It became rarer and rarer that both of them walked the same shows. Don’t get me wrong, these boys are GORGEOUS, but I hope jealousy is not a trait they posses. Best of luck boys.

  • Jn

    Spruce spruce with the duece deuce.

  • Only God can be responsible for this kind of beauty. Please get them here to New York.


    WOW these boys are amazing, how much ????

  • Nicholas

    Zac is more fall/winter and editorial whereas Jordan is more spring/summer and commercial. Both are amazing and Jordan’s S shape body in 3rd picture (and that tush!) are killing me!

  • Wow, great work, Australia!
    How proud their parents must be!

  • Wow! Amazing!
    They’re HOT and handsome!
    I like very much!

  • wow nice! i could think of a lot of editorial ideas to shoot them with.

  • lu

    Agree with Mat. Great guys…gorgeous guys. But the twin will only last for so long before a designer chooses an actual favorite between the two. I wish them both nothing but the best towards their career.

  • WoW!!! If you’re going to have two of anything, these amazing guys are well worth duplicating! Each is a stunner in his own right!

  • OEHLALA two of them is almost to much of hotness haha


  • That girl

    They are both beautiful, but Zac is a bit stronger than Jordan. He seems to have more control with his face. But Jordan’s smile is better.

  • RRRaul415

    As beautiful and near identical as both of these boys are, Zac seems to be the more compelling of the two.

  • Great-looking guys! Could totally see them doing A&F or A/X!

  • daniel

    they will sell
    gorgeous twin

  • Double Trouble. The mind wanders…

  • Hester

    OMG!!!!! The most beautiful twins i’ve ever seen!

  • Megan

    Dear Santa,

    I would like both of them wrapped in a huge, red bow.



  • sCOTT

    Amazing. I saw these gorgeous shots all over the net. They were shot by the incredible James Demitri. No wonder!!!

  • Freddness

    Watch out Kevin and Jonathan

  • becky

    they are gorgeous! they look like the brother of a guy I dated. I thought it was him. By the way, great smile! I can’t stop looking at them!

  • GP

    Aussie boys are hot. Do you know how many guys look like them (some evern better) walking on the street each day and don’t know they are hot.

    Jordan is cute but Zac is more edgy, I already see him in Bruce Weber’s photos:)

    Good Luck, pretty boys!!!

  • Okay, okay, I seriously drool all over these photos! OMG! Hot! Please marry me!

  • Avon

    agree with GP. The twins are both gorgeous, but Zac’s narrower eyebrows somehow makes him more melancholic than Jordan. By the way, the shot they intertwine their fingers together looks a little bit…gay :D

  • Anthony-Sabastian

    They are truly beautiful young men and spark major twin fantasies in my mind. As attractive as Jordan is, I think Zac will eventually prove to be the stronger model. His features are just a little bit more refined, whilst Jordan leans more commercial.

  • Natasha

    In my opinion, both the boys are beautiful but from the photos the one named ZAC has more potential. His face is more symmetrical & he pops out more in photos.
    That’s just an opinion.

  • Jonas

    I think these boys are really really really ridiculously good looking…. and would be amazing in a Calvin Klein or Abercrombie shoot

  • garrett

    very Abercrombie & Fitch

  • I love them so much that I made a post about them on my blog!

  • jazz

    these brothers will be big….

  • Woh!!!!!! They’re so GORGEOUS!!!!

  • HH

    I don’t care which is which,cause I love THEM when they smile..but surely there is one that looks more eye catching than the other

  • Sarah

    They are both so gorgeous and look like cool, down-to-earth guys, not pretty boys. I am not sure if there’s enough shirtless pictures of them though? lol.


    I’m pretty sure I am dreaming right now….<3

  • josa

    so incredible looking, like two princes. It’s funny when I first looked at the picture I automatically thought they were Australian, weird.

  • hannah

    holy cheese, these two are gorgeous! Generally, I hope that they get to stay together and their career together will boom even further! I love their second picture! It’s so cute! Best of luck!!!

  • ayla

    WOW We know MJ who modelled with you, so HOT!! xo

  • A

    In the first picture, I think the one on the right is better looking. Identical my butt.