– MOTW on Nov 1, 2000: view here

Since then:
Elie Tahari F/W 08, William Rast F/W 08, Gap S/S 09, William Rast S/S 09, Pinko S/S 09, Uniqlo Heattech F/W 09 view more at the MODELS.com database

  • Megan

    I dont see anything special

  • She looks like Natalie Portman

  • jsingletonphoto

    Fresh face with a classic look! Voila!

  • fashionista

    haha! this is an interesting erin wasson. i feel like her style has changed in many ways. great model.

  • loren

    these are sooo old…like close to when she first started…she is my favorite and so stunning!

  • Chisom

    isn’t she the model from maybeline mascara?

  • Charles


  • Samantha

    I look at her and all I see is a moley girl. Never got what people saw in her.

  • Mesha

    Her moles are beauty marks.

  • Anna

    Erin is absolutely gorgeous! She has changed alot since she won MODW and has done really well for herself. Samantha, stop criticising her for being ‘a moley girl’. It’s rude and uncalled for, and you’re probably just jealous, I know i am anyway :P

  • Soooooo funny to see people in the first place didn’t see anything special in her when she’s today one of the most known top models/turned cover & editorial girl/turned designer!

  • Daniella

    Oh my god!!!..You really don’t know this girl…Erin is a power girl, she’s not only beautiful, she’s also talented and has a good style..She’s stylist, she’s the inspiration of his friend the designer Alexander Wang. That pic doesn’t say nothing of her…

  • camille waldorf

    Erin Rocks and has made her mark. You can’t touch that so there..Who are you?

    And she was just in Sofia C.’s recent film. DOn’t you know?

  • joy

    oh gosh. she is very unique..

  • I don’t think Erin is such a great, unique model…maybe she is but I don’t particularly admire her… But the zadig-et-voltaire campaign is AMAZING! Probably because the clothes/style fits her.

  • Brian

    Great shape

  • DIK

    her moles up of her lip, and and next to her ear are very sexy

  • Kate

    She reminds me very much of Natalie Portman. She has a great editorial look.

  • Robin

    Absolutely gorgeous! No wonder u have done well for yourself!

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