– MOTW on January 30 2008: view here

Since then:
Fujiwara S/S 09, Levi’s S/S 09, Barney’s Men’s S/S 09, Fujiwara F/W 09, Valentino F/W 09, Full Circle F/W 09, Sandro F/W 09, Ra-Re F/W 09 — view more at the MODELS.com database

  • He

    Wow! He always looks great! I love the skinny models, they look way more high fashion than the muscular models! Cole, Ash and Josh are the best example!

  • fashionista

    i remembered these first polaroids from when josh first came out. didn’t really think much of him and also thought he wouldn’t go far. pshh, he sure showed me. lol! i have grown to really like him as a model and understand how different can be so cool. amazing model.

  • kaka

    i like his nose
    mostly, men have ugly noses

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