– Daily Duo on September 12 2008: view here

Since then:
Campaigns for Calvin Klein, Gucci and Pringle of Scotland… view more at the MODELS.com database

  • Reece Blackhurst

    He will be fine for a few shows.

  • matine

    more than fine for a few shows.. hes done many shows!! and he works in every country..
    new face and already did calvin klein and gucci campaign!!!

  • ammar qadhavi

    goo….everything nice,,i like it

  • @felipe1999

    he has a kind of soul incredible !
    his eyes remind-me kate moss


  • Crane

    He’s got such an innocent look to him. I love it

  • angelina

    he’s really pretty..

  • cool angel

    his so cute^^

  • Sky Watcher

    0 = ) He will be fine all the time ..

  • Mina

    He is soooo pretty.Love him.Talented <3

  • soooo beautifullll!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Thornbrook

    I like the limb proportions.

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