Since being Model of the Week (below), Ton Heukels has worked for Etro, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, Vogue Hommes, and Trussardi.

L’Uomo Elite


188cm (6’2″)

Place of Origin:
Leiden, The Netherlands

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
I was in Milano on a trip, looking for a pizza restaurant, when I was stopped by a scouter

Favorite things:
Enjoying the company of my friends, listening to music

Favorite music, band:
Rolling Stones

Doing crazy things, going out and having fun

Favorite piece of clothing:

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Shooting in South Africa

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The freedom

Favorite artist (any kind):
Muhammad Ali

Place you would love to visit:
New York

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Climbing mountains, I wish to climb the Himalayas soon

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  • Great classic look

  • ingrid

    Dutch again, I’m so proud!!!
    That’s funny, hungry for a pizza, than stopped by a modelagent….
    I hope you found the restaurant too, don’t forget to eat haha

  • I sort of love him. He’s raw, but there’s a “ton” of potential there.

  • Erika

    Some of the shots wow me, some not so much. He’s got great bone structure but maybe try cutting the hair?

  • Michelle Lewis

    This is really cool he looks just like my son Draeven who is 12 years old. He wants to get into modelling as well. Glad to see you doing well. We are from Canada.

  • miguel

    I think that is the model of the year,bears a resemblance to top model David Boals.

  • Clarissa

    He kind of has a Leonardo DiCaprio look to him. Especially in the pic with the lion cub. :)

  • miss dom

    wow he’s awsme- but that end pic that suit def shows hes the full package lordy.

  • me

    Brave man, holding a baby tiger that close to his exposed junk. More power to him.

  • Simona

    Stunning high potential!!

  • Funny, I purchased Another Man magazine yesterday but didn’t recognise him here; what a transformation. Very handsome.

  • TOm

    I like his look!

  • NEX

    love the classic look!

  • Anna

    Great guy! Loves to climb the himalayas too!, like brad pitt in tibet…:-)

  • Lori

    Gorgeous! And DO NOT cut his hair, as Erica so misguidedly suggests.

  • lala

    he looks like a 90s hearthrob.

  • this boy is incredible!! he really wows me!

  • I feel really bad for the lion in the 7th pic he doesn’t look like he is having fun
    The very last picture looks really weird.. Overall he has the look that vitalized the 70s he has a wonderfull classic look. They should put him in an old school baskeball outfit. He seriously looks like he walked right out of that time frame into ours.

  • Kasia

    i most definitely agree that he is a 90’s teen heartthrob! His hair makes him unique, and i love that he is wearing bjorn borg briefs!! he’s a keeper for sure!

  • Victoria

    Wauw! he looks like a lion.

  • mia

    the virgin suicides wet dream.

  • Ellie

    Love love love! ;)

  • Izabella

    I love him! He looks like the surfer boys here in California! But they of course are not as unique looking as him.

  • Bo Donna

    He posed with a real lion cub naked. Wow. His chin is strong, it is what I notice most
    about him, it what draws my attention. So he should model clothes that have accentuated
    collars, neck ties, or necklaces.