Yulia Serzhantova



PEET DULLAERT The Visionary project by M...
Peet Dullaert (Editorial)
published: January 2015
photographer: Magdalena Ɓawniczak
Hippie Glam 70's
Harper's Bazaar China (Editorial)
published: January 2015
photographer: Benjamin Kanarek


The Beauties that Inspired the Poet
Vogue Russia (Editorial)
published: November 2013
photographer: Daniel Sannwald
In Flowers
Vogue Russia (Editorial)
published: June 2013
photographer: Ward Ivan Rafik
Pioneer's Truth
Vogue Russia (Editorial)
published: May 2013
Made in king's road
Marie Claire Italy (Editorial)
published: March 2013
Interview Magazine (Editorial)
published: February 2013
photographer: Gregory Harris