Ruby Aldridge




Harper's Bazaar Serbia (Editorial)
published: October 2016
photographer: Olivia Malone
Vogue Suggestions September 2016
Vogue Italia (Editorial)
published: September 2016
photographer: Vincent Peters
High Summer Simplicity: A Sleek Foundati...
The Line (Editorial)
published: August 2016
photographer: Hanna Tveite
Hello Darkness MDX
Models.com (Editorial)
published: 07/22/2016
photographer: Yvan Fabing
The Apple of Discord
Interview Russia (Editorial)
published: July 2016
photographer: Jurij Treskow
Neck and Neck: Face-Framing Style Lines
The Line (Editorial)
published: July 2016
photographer: Hanna Tveite
Black Tie White Noise
French Revue de Modes (Editorial)
published: March 2016
photographer: Ralph Mecke
Tempo Shape
Harper's Bazaar China (Editorial)
published: January 2016


Refresh Your Style
Vogue Italia (Editorial)
published: March 2014
photographer: Miles Aldridge
Armani's Eccentrico Exhibit
Vanity Fair U.S. (Editorial)
published: January 2014
photographer: Norman Jean Roy