Ros Georgiou



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In the Flesh
Iris Covet Book (Editorial)
published: June 2017
photographer: Ruo Bing Li
A Strong Fit
The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore (Editorial)
published: April 2017
photographer: Haifa Wøhlers Olsen
The Killing Moon
French Revue de Modes (Editorial)
published: March 2017
photographer: Ralph Mecke
Pack Your Bags
Glamour Magazine U.S. (Editorial)
published: March 2017
photographer: Sebastian Mader
Ros Georgiou
Marie Claire Italy (Editorial)
published: March 2017
photographer: Nagi Sakai
Parsons Perfect
HEROINE Magazine (Editorial)
published: Spring 2017
photographer: Ben Lamberty


A Tale Of Two Ladies
King Kong Magazine (Editorial)
published: October 2016
photographer: Rebekah Campbell
It Happened in Havana MDX
Models.com (Editorial)
published: 05/17/2016
photographer: Hans Neumann
A Magazine Issue 83
A Magazine (Editorial)
published: May 2016
photographer: Alexander Neumann
Aren't You Someone's Something?
No Tofu Magazine (Editorial)
published: May 2016
photographer: Matthew Priestley