Maggie Maurer



Mother agency:


Luncheon No 2 Cover F/W 2016
Luncheon Magazine (Magazine Cover)
season: Fall/Winter 2016
photographer: Jack Davison
King Kong Magazine Issue 2 Covers
King Kong Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: September 2016
Dansk Magazine A/W 16 Cover
Dansk (Magazine Cover)
season: Fall/Winter 2016
photographer: Nhu Xuan Hua


REVS #13 THE FREQUENCY Winter 2014
REVS Magazine (Magazine Cover)
season: Winter 2014
A breath of fresh air
Stella Magazine (Sunday Telegraph) (Magazine Cover)
published: October 2014
photographer: Kate Davis Macleod


Husk Magazine F/W 13 Cover
Husk Magazine (Magazine Cover)
season: Fall/Winter 2013
Dansk Fall 2013 Teaser Covers
Dansk (Magazine Cover)
season: Fall/Winter 2013
photographer: Henrik Bulow