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It's what modeling needs now. A sense of a moment, of movement .. of girls who can springboard past mere cat-walking and become monuments. It's what made Naomi majestic, Claudia incredible and Linda...Linda.

It's the ability, in a photograph, to conjure up a fashion emotion in the twinkle of an eye, the warmth of a smile, the stretch of the neck. It's the girls who can do that who are going to be having major booking moments in the next six months.

The little group of editors, photographers, stylists, designers who keep the ball rolling are desperate for some entertainment. They are keeping their eyes peeled for a model who can amuse, endear, seduce and engage. The day of the bored (and boring) girl radiating perfect indifference is done for now. Never mind aloof. Think presence.

Right this minute, there is no model with a greater drama quotient than current Gucci girl Rie Rasmussen...