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Loving Liliana Pt.2
by Wayne Sterling

Though a mere transcription cannot capture the charm of her multi-cultural badinage, with its free spirited mix of Spanish expressions and English street slang, we thought it best if we let Liliana speak for herself!

MDC: So how was Morrocco!
Liliana: Oh my God! It's the most amazing place. It makes me so happy! It just ...renews you!

MDC: Now the story is you were discovered by a British agent at a party in Mexico City. What was that like?
Liliana: I was just a fifteen year old without a clue! You cannot imagine how naive I was. I was very lucky that the agent was nice enough to bear with me.

MDC: Did you aspire to being a model before that meeting?
Liliana: Kind of. I'm from a small town in Mexico named Chihuahua (Yes the famous dog got it's name from my home town. Can you believe that !) Modeling wasn't like the biggest priority as a career in that part of the world. But I did, in the back of my mind, somewhat daydream as to what it might be like to be a model. Everybody does right? But for me to get scouted at a party was totally a lucky accident.

MDC: Is modeling the reason why you left Mexico and moved to London?
Liliana: Yes. Part of my moving from Mexico to London was because of the modeling. London was the first city I went to for work so I always feel very comfortable when I'm there. Then I found a boyfriend and felt even more comfortable ...if you know what I mean (LOL). But I do love London. It's my favorite place (apart from Mexico obviously)

MDC: How's life in London?
Liliana: Suave! There's not as much work as in New York or Paris but there is loads of love!

MDC: What made you come to NY and to Karin Models?
Liliana: That was another lucky accident . I was in NY doing a job and loads of girls from Karin were there. So was Scott (Lipps . President of Karin Models) I thought that It would be a good idea to see some agencies while I was in NY because I did not have any NY representation at the time. I saw everybody and when I went in to see Scott again I really loved the energy the agency had, so I chose Karin to be my NY agency.

MDC: And what difference in your career has this made?
Liliana: Oh it's a grandisimo change! It's amazing the way they changed my luck in this business. It's almost like everything I wasn't doing were all the things I'm doing now. I have so much gratitude to them!

MDC: Did this rush of success take you by surprise?
Liliana: Damn right it did.

MDC: How has your life changed since you started working with great talent like Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Steven Meisel and Terry Richardson
Liliana: It's all good. I'm so honored to be working with people on that level! I love all these jobs that I'm doing now. It's like all your dreams come true and you wake up in the middle of a reality that is actually your fantasy!

MDC: Are you nervous about the upcoming show season?
Liliana: I say bring them on! (LOL) I'm prepared for the challenges !

MDC: So what's next on the horizon for you?
Liliana: For now I just want to concentrate on being good at my job and after that ...the future will be what it will be. Manana, manana. (That means Tommorow, tommorow)



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