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Photos: Art Dept.

It started as a flicker in NY. Louise Pedersen, a quiet girl from Denmark with a cupid bow pout and downcast eyes that gives this kind of...disdainful edge to her classic Nordic beauty is making her round of show castings. This is her first NY season. She's on the mega-wattage board of Women but no one's ever heard of, much less glimpsed this girl before. Louise has never set foot on a major runway before, has very little in her book (one test and a few Polaroids) yet here she is nestling in the package amidst Isabeli and Frankie and Carmen. Every time she leaves a casting however, something funny happens. Yet another client calls up to testify to the totality of Louise's effortless cool. And to confirm her. For Calvin. For Marc. For DKNY. One after the other. It's a respectable start.
Then Louise gets to Milan and a bonfire of curiosity explodes when she comes ambling down Prada’s runway as the first girl out. By October when she touches down in Paris, the bonfire is a raging firestorm with the Danish stunner emerging as the must-have girl of the season. When it is all over, should you care to rank the Top 10 new Faces in terms of volume of shows booked, it is Louise who sits on top of the heap. That makes her a bonafide overnight sensation in a business where overnight is code for "working quietly for a year".