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Wesley / MandP Models

Name: Wesley Mahoney Agency: MandP Models Age: 20 Height: 6'1" (186cm) Place of Origin: Portsmouth, England. At age 10 I moved to Norfolk. At age 20 I was homeless for few months (tough times, but made me appreciate basic things in life: roof over your head, food on the table). Ethnic Origin: Grandfather is from New Zealand, but I mostly have Irish roots. Birthsign: Taurus. How discovered: A few weeks ago (I had long hair then) I sent my photos to agencies. I was ready to take the embarrassment of their rejections, but MandP saw a potential in me. They were the only ones to reply. I was invited to London the next day, but at a risk of losing my job (at a refrigerator factory), I decided to come. After 1 hour, I had my long hair cut off, polaroids taken and everything changed in my life. When I came back home that night, I was told I had lost my job, but my girlfriend loved the new hairstyle. Favourite things: Football, music, sun, sea and sand, watching movies, chilling with my mates and partying. Favourite music/band: Hip-hop, soul, reggae and George Michael (mum's influence). Hobbies: Playing football, dj'ing, and writing rhymes. Favourite piece of clothing: My England and Ireland football shirts and my new Versace t-shirt my best friend gave me, as a good luck charm. Favourite artist (any kind): Tupac, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley. Place you'd love to visit: The Playboy mansion, the Egyptian Pyramids and St. Lucia. Currently you're obsessed with/about: Working hard and making up for lost time. I've recently had an obsession with watching documentaries and learning about pretty much everything, probably because I dropped out of school and now want to make up for it.

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