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Michael T and Tomek / Public Image Worldwide

Name: Michael T
Tomek Szczukiecki Age: 19 Height: Michael - 6'2" (188cm)
Tomek - 6'2" (188cm) Place of Origin: Michael - Chisinau, Moldova
Tomek - Wroclaw, Poland Ethnic Origin: Michael - Russian
Tomek - 100% Polish Birthsign: Michael - Aries
Tomek - Leo How discovered: Michael - "White Trash For Cash" show in Moscow.
Tomek - I was on a break and this lady told me that I should be a model, and a month later I was doing Paris Fashion Week. Favorite things: Michael - Skate boarding, painting, 60's and 70's music, video games. Favorite music, band: Michael - The Doors.
Tomek - Him, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pogodno, Akurat, Soad. Hobbies: Michael - Skate boarding, painting.
Tomek - Movies, football (soccer). Favorite foods: Michael - Pasta, pizza.
Tomek - Polish food :) Favorite animal: Michael - Raccoons
Tomek - Sheep Person you'd love to meet and why: Michael - Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix.
Tomek - Quentin Tarantino, he's incredibly talented. I want to spend a day on his movie set. Movie you want to see next: Michael - "Iron Man."
Tomek - "Machete," "Hancock." Place you'd love to visit: Michael - Vancouver, Canada.
Tomek - Vietnam, Jamaica. Currently you're obsessed about: Michael - Traveling and being a better model.
Tomek - Manchester United.

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