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Age: 18

Birthsign: Capricorn

Agency: 1 Management

Height: 5'9"

Place Of Origin: Hamburg, Germany

While I was shopping...

A Few Of Your Favorite Things Are:
Comics, being with my friends, traveling, reading, drawing, sushi (all things Japanese!) badminton.

Jealous people, too much school.

Funny Story About Modeling:
Going to a job in Stuttgart (Germany), I arrived very late at a hotel (11pm), but there was no one there to let me in. I waited till 2:00am until another guest let me in. I ended up sleeping in the lobby on one of the hotel sofas. It's much funnier now than when it actually happened.

Favorite Thing About Modeling:
Knowing what goes on behind the scenes at the magazines.

CD of the Moment:
Incubus "Morning View" and Blind Guardian "A Night at the Opera".

Favorite film:
Interview with the Vampire

Book of the Moment:
Der Elephante Verschwindet, a book of short stories by a Japanese author.

Ambition for the future:
To be a comic book artist

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