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Name:James P.

Age: 24

Birthsign: Virgo

Agency: DNA

Height: 6'1"

Place Of Origin: London, England

James & friend Bill (Gentle) was scouted by Select at an art exhibition.

A Few Of Your Favorite Things Are:
1. Being with my family & friends
2. Singing with my new band "Albion" (Celtic for Great Britain)
3. Nice food
4. Tall buildings
5. Acting
6. Painting
7. London

1. Brussel Sprouts

Favorite Thing About Modeling:
Coming home and appreciating the people in my life. Modeling made me grow up.

Favorite Book of the Moment:
"Tranquility" - Sheldon (equality for animals)

CD of the Moment:
Sigar Ros' new album (Icelandic band)

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