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June 28, 2006
Percy H.

MDC Member since March 2006
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Location: Radcliff, KY - USA
Age: 23

I decided to search the web and I stumbled upon MODELS.com. Once I became a member, this site allowed me to network with different models and photographers alike.

Then a year ago, I got a job working for the airlines, which allows me free travel worldwide and I've been using it to fly to and from photoshoots, open-calls and etc on my days off. I was someone who wasn't very confident in myself or looks in high school and everyone thought I'd either get a track scholarship or go into the army....now I'm modeling.

How did you become interested in modeling?
I think I have a very interesting story about how I came to pursue modeling. I'm a 22 year old army brat who was living in Kentucky. I'd always been interested in modeling, but never thought to take it to the next level. I'd look at little agencies in my area, but found that most were rip offs. I wasn't fortunate to live in a place where people just get "discovered" so either I'd make my way or nothing would happen with this at all lol.

What was your experience with the agencies?
Recently, I got an opportunity to transfer my job to LaGuardia Airport in New York; all while just completing a test shoot with a noted NYC fashion photographer. This most recent shoot was a referral by Vision Model Management.