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March 29, 2006
Gillian M.

MDC Member since January 2006
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Location: Portland, OR - USA
Age: 19
Agency contacts: Nous Model Management

A photographer on here Jason Christopher told me about MODELS.com and I'm so glad I've joined. I've learned more about modeling in the month I've been on here than in than I ever thought possible.

How did you become interested in modeling?
I kind of got into modeling by accident, I was working as a promotional model for different events as a summer job, when a photographer approached me and offered me money to take my picture for his book that he was building. I ended up having soo much fun on the shoot and quickly became addicted to modeling and going out on shoots.

What agencies have you been in contact through MODELS.com?
I was contacted by Nous within less than a week from being on the site, and was just recently contacted by an agency in Japan.

What was your experience with them?
Kenya at Nous was really helpful, after reviewing more of my pictures she thought that I was too commercial for what they were looking for, but it was nice of her to take the time to explain to me why I ended up getting a no. I'm still planning on going to their open call however when I make a trip down to LA hopefully soon to shop for an agency.

What advice would you have for other aspiring models trying to get noticed by these agents?
Shoot as often as you can and just keep putting your stuff out there. Show that you are interested and motivated.