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March 29, 2006
Dave B

MDC Member since October 2005
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Location: Newhall, CA - USA
Age: 40
Agency contacts: BMG Models

A little about me, I am a father of 5 kids, have owned my own national business for 9 years, I have always wanted to model but never had the courage to try till now.

I feel now with a lot of life experiences under my belt that I have a lot to offer modeling. I want my kids to get into it also and feel it is good if I can be the initiator and get my foot in the door for us all.

I have been contacted by BMG Models of LA through the agent contacts of MODELS.com, I also have some interviews through my own efforts. I am very excited about this site and would offer some advice to anyone that wants to succeed and that is get involved by contacting each agent on the site, send them your headshots and cards, and know most of all you are unique and beautiful and have something to offer the right agency so go for it what do you have to lose.

Looking forward to telling everyone I got my start and contribute my success to MODELS.com