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August 09, 2005
Atanas G.

MDC Member since Aug 2004
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Location: Munich, Germany
Age: 21
Agency contacts: Unique Model Agency

What advice would you have for other aspiring models trying to get noticed by these agents?
Just don't stop trying, be yourself and TRAIN HARD - you know, if you have good body - your chance is better.

How did you become interested in modeling?
In the summer about 3 years ago, I was just with finished school and I searched some summer job, but with no success..... and my mother saw in some newspaper that a model agency was searching for boys - it was for advertisement shooting..and I decided to go. I was in :). Now I'm living in Munich, Germany and I work from time to time for one little agency here semi-profesional, but my contract ended in 2 months and maybe I will go to some bigger. At the same time I play and sing in one rock band and in the past year I hadn't many time to do modeling.

What agencies have you been in contact through MODELS.com and what was your experience with them?
I was in contact with the mensdivisions booker of Unique Model Agency (Switzerland), but they didn't taked me up. I think they didn't need type like me ... and we had differences, For 2 years I dreamed to move in L.A. or some city to sea, but not Switzerland... I hope I find what I search :)