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October 14, 2002
Tim K.

MDC Member since Oct 2000
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Location: Switzerland
Age: 21
Agency Contacts: Aire, Boss, City, Empire, Fuel

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Tim, what agencies have you been in contact through MODELS.com?
Boss, Aire, City, Empire, Fuel and some others (I can't remember).

How did you become interested in modeling?
A friend of mine back home in Switzerland told me to check out his agency. I waited to finish school and started last year. At first, I was skeptical about the business, but the bookers were very cool and that's how it all started.

What was your experience with them?
It's very important to me that I work with great people who really take care of me. It doesn't matter if an agency has big names because sometimes at those agencies the newer guys like me don't get as much attention in the beginning. The agencies who scouted me on MODELS.com were all really nice. I ended up going with Aire because they were the most interested and kept following up with my mother agency.

What advice would you have for other aspiring models trying to get noticed by these agents?
Shoot as much as you can (for free if possible). Keep updating your portfolio. Make sure each image represents a differerent look (headshot, body shot, one edgy, etc). Be on the forums to get feedback.